Submit Your Story – be an “Everyday Aroma Hero”

Hello lovely friends! I want to hear from YOU! Are you someone who loves using essential oils – but IS NOT and Aromatherapist, or essential oil distributor? I’d love to have some fun stories about how you use aromatherapy in your everyday life.

Perhaps you have kids and some success stories with essential oils?

Maybe you have helped friends with essential oils and would be happy to share?

Maybe you love taking pictures of scented flowers and plants?

Do you love blending oils and playing around with recipes?

Would you like to share your favourite recipe?

Have you had some epic failures using essential oils?

I’d love a photo of you too, and photos of your environment. I will be happy to include links to your social media and business pages as long as you share the article with your friends and followers.

Do you know someone who would be perfect?

How to Apply

Download this PDF and follow the guidelines.

Everyday Aroma Hero Submission Guidelines

Submit your story to with the subject, “Everyday Aroma-Hero”