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To get the ball rolling I blogged for one month, 5 days a week. Now I’m sharing myself with you twice a week. I want us to be friends – I don’t want you to get too sick of me too soon.

I have been a practicing Aromatherapist for over 15 years and during that time I’ve had a wide variety of experience. Some of my clients have been with me for more than 10 years, and I have treated many clients through their pregnancies, and even treat some of the children today.

Although my focus is on body work using a blend of Aromatherapy, remedial and Swedish techniques incorporating Reiki and energetic healing, I’ve also had many great Aromatherapy experiences.

I have been fortunate to treat a lot of great people over the years and my reputation for relaxing healing treatments has led me to clients including Kylie Minogue, Louise L. Hay and Doreen Virtue.

My passion for scent, and creating scented spaces has been instrumental in my work, producing aromatic experiences for major Sydney events, corporate events and retreats including an intensive week meditation retreat with Deepak Chopra -“Seduction of Spirit”.

I have created and hand-produced an Aromatherapy skin care range range exclusive to “Healthy U” and “U Clinic”. I have also created a synergistic essential oil blend exclusive to “Chrakradance” and I’m now working on my new range of botanical perfumes, and have a book about creating your life with aromatherapy “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils”

********** The information shared in this blog is not intended to be used in place of medical advice from a professional. All information shared is general and not specific to individuals. The articles represent my personal experience with aromatherapy and how I use it in my life. Do not attempt to treat serious medical conditions with essential oils without consulting a qualified practitioner, either traditional or conventional. I disclaim all responsibility for any adverse reactions caused by inappropriate or uneducated use of essential oils, or poor quality essential oils. ********************************************************

2 thoughts on “About Me & The Blog

  1. What brands of oils do you consider poor quality? I do not want to waste money on poor quality oils, but I cannot afford to spend money on super expensive one either. I’m just getting started so I would appreciate some expert advice. Thanks!

    • Debbie thanks so much for your question. I have been asked this question a lot in the past few months. Do you live in the USA? I ask this because I’m really not sure what oils to recommend to you as there are only a certain number of oil producers in the world, which means there are lots of brands selling the same oil. Please bear with me I am going to ask my LinkedIn Aromatherapists this question and get back to you. Best wishes, Suzanne.

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