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My wonderful book

My wonderful book

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Yes you can reveal your purpose in life by using essential oils!
Information is coded within the scent of these beautiful gifts from
nature, and by incorporating them into your life you will expand your
consciousness, and in turn find your true purpose.
•Learn about the metaphysical properties of essential oils
• Uncover 10 bold formulas to allow you to arrive at the perfect
combination of oils just for you
• Read about how essential oils can improve your happiness, spirituality,
abundance, love, dharma and work, stress levels, self-talk, energetic
cleansing and protection, youthfulness and your health
• Understand the blending ratios of essential oils for all uses, and discover
the easy ways to use essential oils in your life

9 thoughts on “Buy My Fabulous Book

  1. Suzanne,
    I’ve so enjoyed reading your posts on APJ & have been using a number of your formulas. Can’t wait to read your book! All the best with the publication.
    Cheers from the States,

  2. Just ordered my copy on booktopia …says 10-15 business days…hopefully….
    I will have the Tarot & Essential Oils free ebook gift…to read till then…so excited…but….need working link sent please… Helen

    • Hi Helen, I was out of action yesterday, apologies. I will check it out thank you, but in the meantime I will be able to send you a copy. Is your email address alphabetofdestiny……. If so, I can send it to you this afternoon. Thanks again and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Suzanne

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