Buy Handmade this Christmas and Pop Down to The Pop Up Shop (If You’re in Sydney)

Support locals- pic via

Support locals – pic via

So many people in Sydney are really into local growers markets which I think is fantastic. A couple of my friends even have stalls and sell quality handmade and locally sourced foods.

It’s all about knowing where your food comes from and even being able to ask questions about it too. It’s a good feeling when you know those radishes were picked yesterday or that the apples from a farm a couple of hours away don’t have any pesticides and have not been stored for a year in a massive fridge.

Organic apple - pic via

Organic apple – pic via

(oh by the way apple does not make an essential oil so if you have an apple scented something your fragrance comes from a lab)

But I’ve found when it comes to skincare and natural scent most of these amazing people who buy organic and local, will only use name brand skincare. Or synthetically fragranced candles. Or toxic mass-produced perfumes. I just don’t get it. The same rules apply to mass-produced perfumes and cream as apply to food. If you are health conscious and are making an effort to eat well, why would you then spend money on a cream that is full of toxins, made in big vats in a huge production facility somewhere?

And then there’s the fact that when you buy a perfume, for example (according to master perfumer Luca Turin), only 5% of the price of a perfume represents the cost of the actual liquid stuff. The rest is marketing, packaging and other bullshit. And of course there’s the issue that many (a generalisation) luxury brand companies are all owned by a few, who serve to deliver the best profit to their shareholders and owners. Many big companies just absorb little companies (in all types of business) and we are finding out we are being ruled by these huge companies who are driven by one thing – money. Even war is a business.

Money! Why not use your dollar to suport a local?

Money! Why not use your dollar to support a local?

So why wouldn’t you buy a cream or an oil blend or a natural perfume from a local specialist at your local market? They will be able to tell you where all their ingredients are sourced from and other info about health and toxicity in our world. You will be directly helping them pay their rent, buy food and live! Go on, have a look around, you may be surprised at what you can find. Be brave and go beyond a handmade soap. If you are willing to buy artisan with your bread and hand-reared pigs, then be willing to do the same with your skincare and even cleaning products too.

I make fantastic body washes!

I make fantastic body washes!

So having had my little say on the state of the world, if you’re in Sydney why not visit The Co-Op Pop Up shop which is open until Christmas eve and possibly the week after Christmas. There are about 8 artists and we are selling handmade items which include –

– framed original photography

– handmade cards

– swimwear and resort fashion

– framed original stitch art

– light sculptures

even little frogs, and much, much more!

Cute little Australian citrus oils

Cute little Australian citrus oils

I am selling

– organic linseed and lavender eye bags made with vintage scarves and washable covers $30 ea

– all natural body washes ( 2 different scents “Pink Marshmallows in the Morning” and “Into the Woods”) $30 ea or 3 for $70

– Face Mask Kits (limited edition be quick) $30

– Essential oil blends (3 scents “Vivify!”, “Persuasion” and “Cinnamon Twist”) $25 ea

– Hydrating Aura Cleansing Mists (rosewater, jasmine water and orange blossom water with added Australian Bush Flower Essences) $20 ea or 3 for $60

– Organic herbal teas (“Ginger +” and “Minty 2”) $15 and $10

and a few essential oils.

Come and visit from Tuesday to Sunday 11am – 7pm at the corner of Golburn St and Crown St Surry Hills (next to Route 66).

Eyebags made with vintage scarves with washable covers too

Eyebags made with vintage scarves with washable covers too

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