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Chapter 7


Another look in between the covers of my book


Heart is the symbol for all love

Heart is the symbol for all love

Essential oils for love could be any oil you like really. In my book I have listed some oils in the section for love that inspire and move me to feel more open and compassionate. Love is a small word for a big concept ….

“Any of the oils I relate to love, can be used on any level of intention – personal to universal, micro to macro. And you must remember to use your intention to invoke feelings through the essential oils. This also gives you more of  choice when creating a potion. if you really love, love, love lemongrass oil, why not use it to inspire romance (even if its traditional use is quite different?). ”


That’s me quoting myself. Hehehehe


So here’s a couple of oils I associate with love.

A jasmine blossom in Sydney - pic by me

A jasmine blossom in Sydney – pic by me



Ah the sweet scent of jasmine rides on the promise of spring. The world opens up to us again after winter with this little white blossom that contains powerful data.

“One sniff, one drop, will bring to the surface your desires for love and intimate connection with another.”


Yep I’m quoting myself again …….

Jasmine is a very basey smelling oil, and this deep syrupy scent can stir your 2nd chakra – the energy centre for sexual desire. You will most likely find this oil in a 3% blend so it’s perfect to use straight from the bottle as a perfume. See my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba.


Palmarosa is a grass similar to lemongrass

Palmarosa is a grass similar to lemongrass


new ideas about love

“If you desire a new romantic partner, but your methods to date are not really working, give palmarosa a go in a mist or moisturiser. Maybe you need some new ideas about love and romance? Perhaps you need to look at how you love yourself, so someone else can too?”


Another quote from my book


Palmarosa belongs to the Poaceae family that includes lemongrass and citronella. It is very interesting to note that the scents of lemon and rose are quite closely linked. So when you smell citronella you can detect the geraniol in it as well as the limonene. Palmarosa is more rosey scented, but still has a tart undercurrent of grass. When I think of palmarosa I think “flexibilty”.

Mmmmmm sweet love hearts

Mmmmmm sweet love hearts

Love, love, love. It’s a big topic and includes so many aspects and angles. Maybe you are trying to express more love to those around you.

Maybe you need to love yourself more.

Maybe you just want a lover.

Wherever you stand in your life, essential oils will help you open to become a channel for the oneness of the universe.

To find out what other oils I include in the Love chapter of my book, click on one of these links.

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