To Loofah or To Body Puff? That is The Next Question!

The Soft, Supple Skin Series Part 2 – Loofah’s, Body Puffs and Body Gloves

The series continues with question of how hygienic and effective these body scrubbers really are, and should we be using them?


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1. Loofah or Luffa

Loofah with soap. The grainy texture of the loofah is why people use it for skin scrubbing

Loofah with soap. The grainy texture of the loofah is why people use it for skin scrubbing

The “loofah” is the fruit of a plant which is part of the cucumber family (Cucurbitaceae). The botanical genus name is Luffa and the fruit is harvested from either/or Luffa aegyptiaca and the Luffa acutangulaIt species. It is very fibrous and when matured and dried forms the slightly strange looking sponge we call a loofah. I remember having these in the 80’s but can never remember loving it. I seem to recall always throwing it out after a while.

According to some articles on the net from dermatologists and health websites, when you use the loofah to polish or scrub your skin, your dried skin cells stay trapped within the structure. Add a moist shower or bathroom, and the fact that it rarely dries out, and you have a hive of bacterial activity!

And then you keep using it.

And then it gets more unhygienic.

So perhaps it’s better if you wash it and sanitise it with essential oils, for example, every time you use it. This will definitely keep the loofah slightly healthier, but the fact is, you’ll never get all the way into the maze of fibres, to release all the dead skin and to make it a completely santised sponge.


Good: It comes from a natural source and works well

Bad: You can never really get it clean and need to discard it after a month (my personal view).

Can start to smell after the first few uses

It starts to breakdown as soon as it gets wet, it is natural after all

Recommendation: Create a skin scrub that can only be used once. See To Scrub or Not To Scrub? That is the Question!

2. Body Puff or Body Exfoliating Gloves

Body exfoliating gloves - pic via

Body exfoliating gloves – pic via

Both the puff and the gloves are made from a synthetic mesh. While the same issues exist with santising after each use, like the loofah, it’s so much easier to do. They wash out easily and dry quite quickly.


Good: Easy to use

Wash and dry quickly

Cute and colourful

Long lasting

Bad:   Man-made fibre

Recommendation: Wash and sanitise after each use with a few drops of essential oils in the rinse cycle.

These are better to use than the loofah.


50 ml bespoke body oil made by me

50 ml bespoke body oil made by me for a treatment

So perhaps reconsider using the loofah and opt for the hardier synthetic puff or gloves, and always moisturise afterwards.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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