To Dry Brush or Not? Yep … Another Question!

The Soft, Supple Skin Series Part 3 – Dry Brushing

The series continues with question about how effective dry brushing is.



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The best dry brushes are made from plant fibres and  have detachable arms -  pic via

The best dry brushes are made from plant fibres and have detachable handles – pic via

Dry brushing has been a health and beauty regime for many people over the past century. I have to admit I have had a dry skin brush in the past but found it hard to get into a routine with it. In summer I found I didn’t really need it and in winter I found it was too cold to dry brush before the shower. Having admitted my downfalls I am a proponent of the dry brush because of its simplicity and they way it can make you feel truly enlivened.


From my research into this topic it seems as though the dry brush (although probably used for hundreds of years if not more), sprang into modern culture via the Nordic countries in combination with the sauna. Dr Paavo Airola extolled the wonders of dry brushing in his book “How to Get Well”. He was born in 1918 and died in 1983, having written 14 books on health and wellness, he was definitely ahead of his time. Dr Airola talked about juicing, taking supplements, a raw diet without meat and many other health regimes we accept today as part of the norm. Looking back, his work on nutrition and biochemistry helped form the naturopathic way of life.


Feel fresh and enlivened with body brushing

Feel fresh and enlivened with body brushing

The Benefits of Dry Brushing

From his book, and what we know today, some of the benefits of dry brushing are:

* increase lymphatic drainage which is one of the detoxification systems of the body

* which in turn helps to remove cellulite

* and increase immunity

* remove dead skin cells

* gently massage internal organs and promote healthy digestion

* make you feel fresh and alive by tightening the skin, improving muscle tone and increasing circulation


How to Do It

The best way to brush is to be gentle and let the bristles do the work.

Brush toward the lymph nodes and I understand you might not know where they are so here’s an easy guide:

Easy dry brushing guide - pic via

Easy dry brushing guide – pic via

So basically you work up the legs to the groin.

Up the arms to the arm pits.

Downwards on your neck.

Upwards on your back.

Up and down on your stomach.

This is why its better to have a detachable arm as it easier to do the dry brushing with your hand on top of the brush and just add the arm for your back.

Have a shower after your brushing!

Detach the arm for most of your body as its easier to use - pic via

Detach the arm for most of your body as it’s easier to use – pic via


Why Can’t You Use the Brush In the Shower?

* the bristles are better when dry

* it doesn’t work as well with water, as the water can make the brush heavy, and you are working against the force of the water flow. This can lead to over scrubbing and very red raw skin – ouch!

* it’s generally less effective for improving skin tone

So yes dry brushing is probably the best way to exfoliate and make your skin feel great because it has many other health benefits that using a scrub does not. It even surpasses the body puff and gloves for this reason.

Do you dry brush?

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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7 thoughts on “To Dry Brush or Not? Yep … Another Question!

  1. I am a big fan of dry brushing, almost addicted to it! It really improves the skin appearance and removes dead cells. I try to do it every day before shower if not feeling lazy…

    • Well done Melissa! That’s better than nothing and it’s probably enough for you anyway. I’ve slacked off and haven’t used one for ages but getting back into it now. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I really want to start dry brushing…just can’t find where to purchase the brush to use for dry brushing. It looks like I need 2 brushes. 1 for the face and one for the rest of my body. Please advise as to where to
    Purchase the brushes and if I am correct on needing 2 of them.

    • Hi Julia I actually have 2 brushes and that’s only because I got a bonus brush when I purchased the body brush. I’m in Australia and bought from Bodecare. Not sure who else sells them, it may require googling work on your behalf. I must say I do like having the smaller face brush. Good luck!

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