Clay Masks for Your Face and Your Body

Clay Masks for Your Face and Body – The Soft Supple Skin Series continues with Part 5 ….

I’ve previously written about the Wonderful World of Clay, and I love it still! Clay masks can really help improve the look and function of your skin and sometimes even make you feel like you’ve had a holiday.


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Clay is marvellous! It’s nature is to absorb impurities, and I remember once a therapist telling me that clay works better and is more active when it’s wet. This means that if you’re giving yourself a clay face mask, when it starts to dry, moisten it with a mist of water or hydrosol, or simply place a wet facecloth over it and press into your face. I’m not sure if she is right and I haven’t found any information that supports or negates this claim, so why not experiment yourself? I do know that when you leave a clay mask to dry, it definitely feels like it is tightening your skin and giving you a bit of a lift.

A clay face mask can make your skin feel so soft!

A clay face mask can make your skin feel so soft!


“In general, topical application of clay on the skin will be rejuvenating, clarifying, cooling, help cell renewal, lessen the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins and make you feel like you’ve had a mini holiday.”

Suzanne R Banks


Clay is used to:

* reduce the appearance of small veins

* cool your skin

* absorb impurities from the outer layers of your skin

* cool and extract bacteria from acne

* tighten pores

* treat injuries when used as a poltice

Anyone can give themselves a face mask!

Anyone can give themselves a face mask!

As it comes from the earth it is a great way to help someone who is having a hard time emotionally. It will help ground them and connect their energy to mother earth. You could put some clay in a bath, or do a mask on the hands or face, even the feet. Or a foot bath with clay and essential oils – perfect for an elderly or incapacitated person.

From my previous article:

White Clay

* gentle face masks and gentle body masks

* in baths

* in body scrubs

* as an absorptive soft powder on a cut or graze

* for eczema and psoriasis – especially for kids

* for rashes or skin disorders on dogs I either just sprinkle it on dry or mix into a smooth paste


Pink Clay

* this is my favourite face clay – face mask when the skin is red or for sufferers of rosacea

* face masks for eczema or psoriasis on the face

* anytime you need a good facial cleanse, and to reduce puffiness

Argile green clay pic via

Argile green clay pic via


Green Clay

* acne on the face or body either with a mask or just a little dotted on a spot

* face or body mask for oily skin

* body mask when you are doing a detox to help with the processing of toxins out of your system

* cellulite (it does help but I haven’t found anything yet to get rid of it completely – ugh!)


Yellow Clay

* face and body masks and to add to body scrubs particularly when the skin is dull and needs energy – it really brightens the skin


Red Clay

* I tend not to use this clay as much as the others but this one is great for spider veins, red skin, broken capillaries


Clay masks for the body can feel amazing!

Clay masks for the body can feel amazing!

Full clay body masks will give you an all-over spa treatment feeling, but beware you must wrap yourself in towels and/or blankets as your body temperature can drop very quickly. You are emersing yourself in extracts from the earth so be careful. Shower off or soak in a bath for a complete rejuvenation.

Poultices and spot mask treatments can work well on the body for healing too, for example, a monthly cellulite mask on your thighs can help move lymph and perhaps add to drainage. Wrap your legs in plastic wrap to keep in the heat, then relax for 15 minutes ether showering off or soaking in a bath.

For bruises or sprains a clay mask may help by soothing the site and acting as an anti-infammatory agent.

Choose your essential oils wisely and don’t use too much!

In 2 teaspoons of clay for a face mask only add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil.

For 3/4 cup of clay for a leg mask only add about 8 drops of essential oil.

You’ll need about 4 cups of clay for your body – add 15 drops of essential oil

There is so much more to write about with clay as most comes from France and is called “Argile”. I have some Australian clays but I can’t find them for sale anymore with my suppliers. Just dive in and have a go making a mask for yourself and see how it turns out.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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    • Fab! I don’t use it as frequently as weekly but I do love clay. In other news I got a tampico body brush and a jute face brush and have started Dry brushing again. Thanks for commenting!

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