Andre Orchison – Everyday Aroma Hero

Meet Andre, an Everyday Aroma Hero. He’s from Pretoria, South Africa and loves using essential oils! By day he is an RMA Clerk, however this has varied over the years. He has been a sound engineer, an antique clock parts salesman and a bus driver. On the side, and with the goal of going full-time, he is the founder of TGM Products, aka The Garage Man. Focused on quality, hand-made natural men’s grooming products.


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Andre rocking the motorbike in South Africa

Andre rocking the motorbike in South Africa

Andre lives with his wife and young son outside Pretoria South Africa on some farmland.
He loves living here and says “it’s a bit of the country side right next to the big old city.”

Andre loves using essential oils in shaving products, especially in an aftershave, even if he haven’t shaved. He likes blending them into other products too, like shaving soap.
He is going wild experimenting with essential oils but isn’t quite ready to share any blends yet ………

Andre's market stall

Andre’s market stall



Andre was selling aftershaves at his market stall, and a “bloke” came up and asked if his product would really help his razor burn, and almost raw skin after shaving. Andre explained to him what the blend of oils would do and he bought some. Success! The gentleman is no longer complaining of the irritated, red, painful skin he used to have after shaving.


The night market in Equestria, Pretoria

The night market in Equestria, Pretoria


Andre made an aftershave blend that was just a tad on the overly strong spicy side….


The beautiful Vall River where ANdre and his family have camped with fabulous memories

The beautiful Vaal River where Andre and his family have camped creating fabulous memories

“If I could tell someone how wonderful essential oils are: They are like food for your skin and body. As you use commercial and synthetic products your skin responds to them but it is not natural. Your body does not recognise the ingredients, It is just like “Oh, okay thanks”. Once you use an essential oil your skin and body are like: “Hello! I like is stuff. I know how to use this. This is good stuff, I need this. I am using all of this. Gimme me more!”
​And before you know it, it expels the synthetic stuff and ​craves the natural stuff and you just end up feeling so great.”

Thanks Andre I couldn’t have said it better myself!

You can find Andre here:

Blog:          garagemen
Facebook: TGMProducts

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