Sydney Natural Perfume Workshop with Mindfulness, October 13th

Hello natural beauties! I hope you’re well and immersed in some beautiful scents wherever you are. Are you starting to refine your sense of smell, and are eliminating synthetic fragrance from your life? This can be anything from harsh household cleaners, to laundry products right through to skincare and of course your perfume. There’s a way to learn about natural perfume making and if you’re in Sydney you’ll have a chance next week …. 



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Attendees at the last workshop


Does this workshop look like fun? 

I’d love to see you and be your guide at the workshop. This time we are part of National Craft Week with the theme of “Mindfulness”. Mindfulness and intuition go hand in hand and you’ll experience creating your perfume combining your intuition, individual scent preferences and your underlying purpose.

We will have a lovely vegan morning tea too, and if its anything like last time I had to force people to stop for a break, they were all so immersed in scent!

There are only a couple of places left. Jump in!

Learn how to create natural perfumes


Here’s the link to buy tickets on Eventbrite.

Hope to see you there!

10 am, Saturday October 13th @ COMMUNE 901 Bourke St, Waterloo


fun with amber glass and essential oils


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