Scent. Intention. Consciousness. Essential oils

Scent – Intention – Consciousness – Essential oils

I hope this is the start of something wonderful. I’ll be musing on expanding our consciousness through scent and essential oils, and the evolution of humanity. I’ll also be giving you some easy recipes and hints on how you can make your world a beautiful place.


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I love essential oils, their subtle energetic power, amazing scents, and their connection to times in our history. I am an Aromatherapist and treat people through massage, energetic balancing and essential oils. Part of the magic of Aromatherapy is combining your attention, then intention, to create a beautiful blend of oils and to magnify their healing powers and invite beauty into your life.


Essential oils are like carriers of the truth and they are fractal in nature, which means they have the same fundamental building blocks as everything else in the natural universe. They can connect us to our own emotions, our bodies and our souls. They are peaceful, scented drops of love.

The easiest way to use an essential oil is open the bottle and take a huge SNIFF! The molecules will be carried straight to the brain and will effect the way you feel emotionally, influence hormones which will in turn lead to changes in the body, and connect us to the oneness of all living things. If you don’t believe me then just try it for a few days – whenever you need a boost just take a SNIFF of anything really. Lavender is always a great place to start as it brings a sense of solidarity, calm and evenness.

Caught on camera somewhere in Sydney

Of course using essential oils all over your body is a great way to nourish your skin, soften tired aching muscles and generally make you feel and smell wonderful. For the novice it’s a bit more fiddly, but all it takes is a few drops of essential oil in a teaspoon of almond oil to produce a natural emollient and therapeutic treatment.

bliss with roses

My advice to you is not to get hung up on specifics when using essential oils – just start experimenting and enjoying them for what they are. Allow your intuition to play a part in your own aromatic journey, and in fact improve and flex your intuition as you go, with the amazing world of Aromatherapy. Why not start using essential oils as a natural perfume? Synthetic perfumes can contain toxic ingredients and are thin and weak in comparison to the substantial nature of essential oils.

Dive in and be transformed by the enticing scents of nature.



2 thoughts on “Scent. Intention. Consciousness. Essential oils

  1. Obviously since I found you through Portia I am a fragrance nut (have been for 42 years when I first began wearing my mum’s perfumes). But the more I read your blog the more inspired I am to further seek out my interests in essential oils and blending. I love what you said about essential oils being “like carriers of the truth”…I also find something so spiritual in many of them (sandalwood, labdanum, frankincense). Whatever the outcome of my experimentations I will keep blending with the best of intentions and see where it takes me….thank you for all your great insights…I am truly enjoying the read!!!

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