Perfumery and Aromatherapy – How Do They Relate?

Gorgeous perfume bottles

Gorgeous perfume bottles

Once, a long, long time ago, in a land far, far away these two things were the same. That is, the raw ingredients used for scenting were all natural and were the same things used for healing and well-being. Mother earth provided plants, herbs and flowers to be used by really smart people to create medicines, scents and incense for rituals.

Tapputi-Belatekallim, according to Wikipedia –

“is considered to be the world’s first chemist, a perfume-maker mentioned in a cuneiform tablet from the second millennium BC in Babylonian Mesopotamia.  She used flowers, oil, and calamus along with cyperus, myrrh, and balsam. She added water then distilled and filtered several times. This is also the oldest referenced still.”

This image appears in relation to Taputi - you can see references to a still

This image appears in relation to Taputi – you can see references to a still

Awesome! The oldest reference to pharmacy is credited to a woman. Of course! Recently ancient perfumes have been discovered in Cyprus that have been carbon dated back 4000 years. In these samples scientists found botanicals such as herbs and spices, bergamot, almond and conifer resins. That’s interesting, and for further reading on these resins see my article “Amber – A Complicated Story”.

The old almond - it's still around so it must be good

The old almond – it’s still around so it must be good

So anyway you get the drift. Perfume and medicine originally came from natural sources.

Now jump to 2013 where large pharmaceutical companies run the world. Companies like Monsanto and others create toxic chemicals daily that find their way into our food sources, water and the air we breathe. We have lost touch with the planet and as technology increases faster then the evolution of our souls, we have stuffed up the balance of our little place in the giant cosmos.

Modern perfumery began around the beginning of the 19th century when technology allowed chemists to synthesize aromatic compounds. The rest is history. Click on this link to discover (as an example) the toxicity of Calvin Klein Eternity for Women. This website,  Environmental Workers Group/Skin Deep  is a great database you can use to check out the ingredients of lots of skincare and fragrance items. To be fair essential oils also appear in this database but are mostly listed as safe.

absolutely stunning lavender fields via

absolutely stunning lavender fields via

Perfumes may also contains parts of essential oils that have been synthesized, like limonene, and many other constituents of oils. But with essential oils, we are using the whole oil, not fractions of it. Granted essential oils are a specific part of the plant that has been distilled rather than the whole plant, but we are on the right track when we are asking nature to support our growth. We in turn must support the planet and live in harmony with the earth.

Essential oils have an energetic resonance. They contain fundamental patterns of nature.

Perfume is created in a lab. It does not contain any part of nature.

64 tetrahedron grid - a building block of the universe

64 tetrahedron grid – a building block of the universe

Essential oils have information embedded within the molecules. We can use this information for healing.

Perfume is fragrance, nothing more.

The choice is yours. Always.

Perhaps you can ask yourself how you can you can support the movement back to nature. Thank you.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

The Start of How to be Completely Amazing

colour and movement

colour and movement and essential oils

1. Use Essential Oils

Yep I know this is a bit obvious coming from me, but it’s true.

Use essential oils instead of perfume. It’s natural vs synthetic. In this case natural is much better than synthetic.

Use essential oils to clean instead of toxic products.

Use cold pressed carrier oils for moisturiser. Simplicity is back in fashion.

Do it!


Lavender    1 drop on your wrists – it doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that!


inspire someone today

inspire someone today

2. Inspire Someone Today!

You’ll be amazed at how great you feel when you inspire someone else. It’s quite infectious and you’ll want to keep doing, it I promise. It sort-of gets you into an upward spiral of positivity.

There’s no better way to help yourself, cancel out your self-doubt and quash those little negative self talks. When you inspire someone else – you’ll be inspired 10 fold.

Do it today! And use essential oils.

Sage         1 drop on your throat chakra to speak the truth with others and share your abundance


be kind to animals

be kind to animals, always

3. Be kind to Animals

Always be kind to animals, it’s our duty to protect them. Let’s face it there are some totally fantastic animals out there.

Your kindness will send ripples into the universe. Hopefully some of those ripples will join up to more kindness waves and wash over us all! Maybe then we can all be kind to each other, but maybe that’s a bit too simple? Or not.

Be kind to an animal today. And use essential oils

Rosewood   1 drop on your heart chakra to allow the flow of love, inward and outward.


Use your intention to create something new (via

Use your intention to create something new (via

4. Use Your Intention Everyday

Start each day with an intention. A good intention. Create the vibe of your day. You’ll automatically rise up to meet that intention.

Create your day…..your week….your life.

This is another duty we are bound to, if we want to evolve into a peaceful community. We are living in a time of great expansion. We need your help.

Use your intention today. And use essential oils

Basil       open the bottle and take a huge whiff to open your mind to possibilities.


This is just a start to the influence you can have in your world.

Make it a good influence and share your knowledge.

Talk about what you know and aspire to.

Connect with others.

But most of all use essential oils. You’ll smell great and you will be able to harness their healing power, absorb it, and give it back to your world with joy, times infinity.



copyright suzannerbanks 2013

Nurture Yourself NOW!

Dear natural scent lovers, nurture yourself NOW! It’s a practice in compassion – compassion towards your deserving self. I’m talking to you.


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love and nurture yourself now!

love and nurture yourself now!



If you’ve ever flown in a plane you will have watched the flight attendants demonstrate how to put a life jacket on and how to fit an oxygen mask on your face. They say it’s very important to fit the oxygen mask on YOURSELF first before you attend to your children and anyone else.


Are you more important than your child or another person on the plane?


It’s because YOU are required to be breathing and functioning so that you CAN attend to your children and others. If you aren’t taking control of your own needs first, the results could be worse.


Take care of yourself firdt

Take care of yourself firdt


Nurture yourself. That’s the message. Leon Nacson from Hay House, an author of dream books has mentioned this a few times at Hay House events in Australia. It has always stuck with me, and the more clients I treat the more I realise (generally speaking) we don’t nurture ourselves very well at all.

How are we to evolve into a kind, peaceful, loving society if we rarely treat ourselves with peace and kindness?

Please take time to have a massage, an aromatherapy treatment, some acupuncture, a facial, a pedicure or anything else you can think of.

Take time to explore why you have come to earth at this particular time. We need everyone here, now, to make a positive contribution to the oneness we are a part of. To contribute more to your family, your neighbourhood, your country, your planet you need to be feeling GOOD. You need to be feeling alive, vital, relaxed and stress free.


be peaceful in your everyday life

be peaceful in your everyday life


Your contribution may not be anything physical, but could simply mean being more kind to an elderly neighbour, or smile and look people in the eye walking down the street. It could mean meditating and radiating your energy into everything you do in your day. The benefits will expand exponentially, and you will be an important part of the evolution of human consciousness.

aaahhhhh essential oils

aaahhhhh essential oils


Using essential oils is a wonderful way to nurture yourself and enliven your mind and spirit. One drop could make the difference between a day, and a wonderful day.

Chuck a bottle of something in your bag and when you need to feel and be nurtured, take the cap off the top and have a huge whiff. Just start there. Practice nurturing yourself everyday and watch the amazing results.

We need you to be paying attention.

I often end my articles with this statement…..

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

Ask the Angels about the Right Essential Oils for YOU!

Do angels really have wings?

Do angels really have wings?

Ever since my first workshop with Doreen Virtue, the angel channel/conduit, I’ve loved all things angelic. Doreen has written many books on the subject and has lots of beautifully illustrated card decks too. The basic teachings of Doreen and the angles are soft, kind and loving, and if the only thing you ever get out of it is feeling a little better about things, then that’s perfect.

I’m not an expert on the angels and archangels but what I do know, and what Doreen reminds us of frequently, is that you must ask the angels for help. You have free will and no one can enter your domain without consent. Interesting isn’t it? It mirrors life and how we can take on angst and negative emotions from others, when really, we have allowed it to enter us all along.

It’s irrelevant whether you “believe” in angels or not. If you don’t acknowledge magic, energy and quantum physics (all the same to me), then you need not be effected by anything here, nor will it bother you either way. It goes beyond belief and Deepak Chopra calls it “knowingness” – a deep seeded feeling in your entire being that allows you to resonate with the universe without your conscious mind ever needing to be called upon.

we are here

we are here

When you ask the angels for help with something, they will point you in the right direction. I ask the angels ALL the time to help me find something in the house that I’ve misplaced. Every time I get in the car I say “angels please surround and protect me and everyone else on the road today”.

So if you are unsure about what oils may the right ones for you today, why not ask the angels? This will also include your guides and deceased loved ones that may be around you at the time. The answer will come to you, silently placed in your mind or body. It may be a feeling you get, a flash across the screen of your mind or your hand may be guided toward a particular bottle of oil.

an angel comes to help

an angel comes to help

Trust this message.

This process is also a practice in strengthening your intuition. Could asking the angels be the same as asking your higher self for the answer? YES! It’s about developing a connection to the energetic universe around us and will look and feel differently to everyone.

energy vortex

energy vortex

We need YOU to open yourself to higher energies!

We need YOU to practice developing your intuition.

We need YOU to be the guiding light of compassion in your life to inspire those around you.

We need YOU to ask yourself, the angels and your guides for help on the earthly plane so we can evolve NOW. The time is now.

Remember to ask the angels for help!


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

Essential Oil Recipes To Get Yourself from “I’m a Loser” to “Things are Looking Better”

positive attitude via

positive attitude via

Sometimes we are just not positive all the time. That’s life, that’s hormones, that’s being human. Granted some people – like Wayne Dyer for instance – is positive most of the time, but I’m sure he has a moment or two when things aren’t completely rosy. It’s times like this we need to be our own champions of happiness and acceptance. Positive self talk is an important part of survival and a skill that needs to be practised. It’s great when you have someone to talk to about not feeling good about yourself, but that is not always the case. If you can muster up the energy to get some oils out and formulate a gorgeous scent for yourself, you are on the road to altering your perception of reality.

And what is reality anyway?

What is reality? via

What is reality? via

Our realities are a projection of our inner world.

So when you need to change your reality here are some great oil blends to help you on the path of least resistance.

Body Oils 

In 3 teaspoons of carrier oil add the following drops. If you want to make a bottle follow my article here for the correct ratios  Aromatherapy – It’s as Easy as 1 2 3.

To improve thoughts like “I’m a fat, ugly, loser” try

“I AM Alive, Yay”

Ylang Ylang    3 drops (help release anger and frustration, get sexy)

Mandarin        4 drops (innocence of life, happiness)

Fennel            1 drop (love yourself, be kind to yourself)


To improve thoughts like “I never get it right, she is so successful, look what they have”

“Free Spirit”

Cinnamon                  2 drops (inspires loving what you do for work)

Cedarwood Virginian  2 drops (connect to your spirit)

Lemongrass               4 drops (stimulates energy in the etheric body and physical body)


To improve thoughts like “I feel alone, I’m lonely, I want a partner” try

“OOO So HOT Right Now”

Sandalwood             1 drop (spirituality, sacred sexuality, tap into kundalini energy)

Rosewood               3 drops (flow of love and giving and receiving in the heart chakra)

Pink Grapefruit         4 drops (sparkle, cleanse old unwanted feelings)


Pure Pulse Point Perfumes

Anoint your chakras, or pulse points with the pure essential oil. Use the energy of the oil and the scent to transform your funk. Place a few drops into a container, dilute with a few drops of carrier oil, mix with your finger and anoint. Always place a tiny residue under your nose for the scent to go to work on your mind.

To improve feelings of deep regret and unhappiness try

“One Moment in Time”

Nutmeg       1 drop (mysticism, open your mind)

Lime            1 drop (happiness, my uniqueness is my forte)

Lemon         1 drop (refresh, reload new feelings)


To improve feelings of sadness, grief in any form and emotional pain try

“Breathe In, Breathe Out”

Marjoram             1 drop (relief, calming)

Rose Geranium    1 drop (happiness, joy, fun)

Juniper                 1 drop (release watery emotions)


To improve feelings of loss, not fitting in and not understanding life try

“I Share My Cells with an Elephant”

Spikenard                1 drop (spiritual knowledge of where you are in the universe)

Neroli in 3% jojoba   3 drops (immortality, fountain of youth, stress relief)


The most powerful ingredient when blending your oils is the subtle power of intention. When you place your intention, into your oil formula, you will create a masterpiece of healing through scent. For more information on intention see my article ( What Do I Mean when I Say “Use Your Intention”?

Remember to treat yourself first and then everyone will benefit.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

World Peace, Hippies, Patchouli Oil and The Evolution of Human Consciousness



We owe the Hippies from the 60’s a great deal more kudos than they receive today. They tapped into the energy of the coming of the new world age, and displayed a radical yet peaceful way of behaviour. It really was the first signs of the “dawning of the age of Aquarius” and 50 years later we, the common people, are really feeling the vibe in everyday life. The age of Aquarius is finally here and we are being summoned by the universe to improve, change, be kind to animals, be peaceful, add value to the world, be positive, look after the earth, tap into our spirituality and connect with people we have never met before. The scent of change in the 60’s was patchouli oil, and as a scent of peace, it is our oil now! It is an oil of the evolution of mankind.

The patchouli shrub

The patchouli shrub

Patchouli oil on it’s own is not particularly lovely, but when used with others oils, really comes alive. It is a “base oil” meaning that is dark, deep and heavy and related to the base and second chakras. The base chakra “Muladhara” is about survival (food, nurturing, shelter) and the second chakra “Svadisthana” is about our scared sexuality.

chakras via

chakras via

So it’s easy to understand why the hippie culture used this amazing oil. It is “grounding” as it helps us place our attention on our lower chakras – the ones closest to the earth. It helps us place our feet firmly in this world now and creates an empathy toward the planet and all the beings who reside on this planet. I would even say patchouli oil is almost buddhist in its existence.

hippies via

hippies via

The “free love” ethos of the hippie culture was supported by patchouli oil, and a need to connect with others in a deeply spiritual and sexual manner. It was all about the sharing the love and if we are to evolve beyond war, famine, politics and money we need to be peaceful and loving. We need patchouli oil!

Patchouli oil is also;

* great for skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis to help calm the symptoms

* wonderful to blend with other oils to help consolidate the scent and keep the formula in harmony

* a good oil to use on nail fungal infections – a drop straight from the bottle is best for this treatment

* an oil used to stimulate cell growth (like lavender) and therefore lovely in skin and hair care

Here are some recipes:

Hair Mask

Warm 6 teaspoons of olive oil, add the following essential oils, then massage into hair and scalp. you can sleep on a towel overnight so the oils really penetrate, or wash and condition after an hour.


Patchouli             4 drops

Lavender             6 drops

Orange                5 drops


Body Oil

A deep moisturising oil blend to promote peace and harmony in your environment. To 3 teaspoons of oil (almond, jojoba, sunflower, grape seed) add:

“Miss Universe”

Patchouli      2 drops

Rosewood   4 drops

Ylang Ylang  2 drops


Scent Your Space

In a traditional oil burner with a candle or an electric vapouriser add:

“Om, Baby”

Patchouli           5 drops

Mandarin          15 drops

Lemongrass       5 drops


Patchouli is peace.

Patchouli is worldly love.

Patchouli is the scent of the evolution of human consciousness.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

It’s the END of the WORLD and it’s CRAZY out there!

I know Oprah, it's crazy out there

I know Oprah, it’s crazy out there

Yep it’s the end of the world soon. In less than a month actually. What a relief.

It’s the planetary alignment in the centre of our galaxy that’s causing all the issues. According to science – and brilliantly explained by scientist and philosopher Gregg Braden, the earth moves in 26,000 year cycles. These are called ages and are related to the zodiac and stars (obviously). The 26,000 year cycle is broken down into 5 smaller 5,000 (and something) year ages. We are finally coming out of Pisces an into Aquarius. This means we are not only at the end of a small world age, but at the end of a 26,000 year old age. This means there is great adjustment. The planets have been moving into the alignment for the past thirty years so actually the worst of it is over. December 21, 2012 represents the turning point. This is where the Mayan Calendar ends, but our life fortunately does not.

This is a time to allow old paradigms to be dissolved.

This is a time to ask yourself why you are here, at this place and at this time.

This is a time to ask yourself how you can help the human race evolve.

This is a time to care for others.

This is a time to acknowledge we are the same as our brothers and sisters all over the world.

This is a time to release to controls of religion, and blossom into spirituality.

Hey, have you noticed it’s CA-RAY-ZEE out there? It’s like time is speeding up as the universe demands we look at ourselves, and allow the archaic way we operate to fall away.


My way of attuning into the energy of the new world, is to use essential oils. Essential oils give a moment of relief and bliss where there is stress and unhappiness. It does seem simplistic, but you KNOW the only way to change the world is to change what YOU do and how you infuse your ethics and morals into your life.

Let the financial structures crumble. They only serve the few anyway.

Let the people take to the streets and topple governments. They only represent the minority anyway.

Let technology take us to the next level. It’s an exciting time to be alive. Using the internet as an example, you can see how communication has been changed dramatically in only a few short years. It seems completely stupid to me that we still use money to live by, and that we don’t use solar power. Come on! I feel like we are in the dark ages.


aaahhhhh essential oils

aaahhhhh essential oils

So I’ll just keep using my essential oils to make people feel good, and look forward to the future – the future is NOW!

Oils for Meditation

aaahhh meditation!

Meditation is a wonderful thing, and doesn’t really need any added help. It’s about being, not doing. It’s about connecting and detaching. So do we need essential oils to help our meditation practice? Probably not, but sometimes it adds anchoring to the ritual and helps some relax into the process. When you vapourise oils in a classic “oil burner” with a candle, the flame acts as an agent of transformation.

I love this oil burner from

My choices for meditation oils are:

Lavender – I use lavender for everything! It is as warming as it is cooling, It is calming and nurturing, It is centering and grounding, and brings together your energy. It is a well-known oil for relaxation due to its high ‘linalool” content. A few deep breaths of lavender at the start of your meditation will help you zone in to yourself quite quickly. My motto is “If in doubt, use lavender”.

Frankincense – oh ye olde magic of frankincense! It starts out as a resin from the tree and is then steam distilled to make the oil. It is the oil of breathing deeply and has its roots in spiritual and religious practices. By breathing deeply and expanding your lungs, more oxygen can flow into your body. The combination of increased oxygen and the natural feeling of relaxation when you take a deep breath, adds up to a very peaceful vibration. It is in this state we can connect with our higher selves, and essentially “God”. It is almost used in churches as a scent to induce a type of hypnotic trance.
For a quite peaceful meditation use frankincense oil.

Rose – the ‘queen’ of oils, it is an oil of self nurturing and self-love. Rose can be used for everything from heat exhaustion to cuts and wounds. The scent is divine and when you are in the presence of pure rose oil you wont be able to escape is enveloping nature. I think of rose crystal quartz when I use this oil too, the love crystal. Shakti Gawain talks about “pink bubbles of love” in her revolutionary book from 1978 “Creative Visualization”. Pink, oil of rose, and rose quartz go hand in hand – I often surround myself with the energy of rose quartz, and rose oil, when I feel I need a bit of help and kindness. Use rose oil in your meditation to give yourself a feeling of security, softness and love so you can open to the messages of the universe.

unpolished rose quartz borrowed from

So many oils can be used for the practice of meditation just be guided by your intuition and your personal fragrance preferences. You don’t even need to vapourise the oils you could just put a drop on your upper lip (patch test for sensitivity first).

Some more relaxing oils for meditation are:

orange, bergamot, petitgrain, lemon balm, neroli,

Some expansive oils:

pine, cypress, fir, tea tree, basil

The most important thing is to set some time aside to meditate – and that can be so hard in our busy daily lives! The oil is the icing on the cake.

Meditate, and the whole world will benefit.

10 Great Reasons to use Essential Oils

There’s a 10 in there somewhere

1. They are from a natural source and have a distinctive scent

Essential oils come from a natural source and you can detect a deepness in their scent that can never be replicated.

2. Essential Oils can set a Mood

When you use essential oil in your home or space, their chemical structures positively effect your emotions and those who enter you’re scented zone. This doesn’t happen with GLADE or other chemical, synthetic fragrances.

3. Oils can support your life journey

Your spirit will be uplifted when you use essential oils to conjure change in your life. This is not about the emotions, it’s about acknowledging your soul with heavenly scents from nature.

4. Essential oils are great for First Aid

Essential oils are great for first aid. Lavender is #1 and Tea Tree is #2. When in doubt use lavender as it has anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating properties. Tea Tree is more

sneakily borrowed from

sneakily borrowed from




5. Use them in your cleaning/cleansing regime

Add essential oils to your cleaning products to leave your home beautifully, naturally scented while removing bacteria and inviting new beginnings.

6. Use oils for a great sleep

Induce and enhance sleep with chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and even orange. The best way to do this is to vapourise the oils in the bedroom. This is great for calming kids down in the evening.

7. They can nurture your skin

Add a drop or two to your moisturiser to stimulate cell growth and leave a wonderful, natural calm energy.

8. Essential oil will make you the envy of your friends

Everyone will notice when you wear essential oils as a perfume or body oil. They have far reaching effects, they are quite magical and a little goes a long way.

9. Essential oils have a medicinal history

When you use an essential oil you are connecting to the history of the plant through the ages. Most oils and the plants they come from, are the original medicines. Using these plants as medicines, early man was connected to Earth as a life giver.

sneakily borrowed from

10. Essential oils can help you create

Essential oils will help you tap into your creative force by working through your brain and affecting how you see the world. They use their subtle power to weave your subconscious mind into your everyday life. The results can be amazing!

Cavewoman smells Caveman – Let’s get back to Nature

sneakily borrowed from

Back in the caveman days and the times of early man, scent was incredibly important. The sense of smell was pure, heightened and could mean the difference between life and death. Subtle scent was just as important as the mental recognition of smells. Pheromones, hormones and other ‘mones (hehehehe) would have been detected by the ancient part of the brain and translated to information instantly. Cavewoman may have been in the presence of a caveman, and instantly thought “oh yeah he seems alright” (or something like that). This instant chemical signal was inbuilt to stimulate the procreation of humanity. Thank goodness because we may not be here today without this incredible design.

The ancient part of the brain still exists in us today and it’s called the Limbic System. This system comes into play when you smell something and are immediately connected to a past time in your life, a person or an event. In NLP it’s called anchoring and it would have happened without you even being aware of it. Scent is powerful, carries messages and helps us connect to a more simple way of life.

Scent is information. Just like touching something and knowing it’s smooth, rough, hot or cold. Like looking at something and assimilating the view, the colours and shapes. Like hearing a song and loving or hating it. Like tasting a food and smiling and laughing because it tastes so, so, so good! It’s all data we take in to make sense of the world.

Unfortunately over the past 100 years we have moved from natural scents into a world that is so bombarded with chemicals, synthetic fragrances and contrived perfumes in cleaning products, personal care products and everything in between. I went to the supermarket the other day to buy degradable garbage bags. Every product except for the one I bought had infused fragrances. There was lemon, vanilla, fresh forest, or something ridiculous like that, and a couple of others. I said “really?” out loud. No wonder we are suffering from cancer, diabetes, MS, autism and anything else you can think of. Harsh chemicals are

E V E R Y W H E R E!

Come on people I know you are with me here. Lets get back to basics. Chuck some lemon juice in the rinse cycle if you want your clothes to smell lemony fresh. Wipe down the kitchen bench with a drop or two of eucalyptus oil, or rub an orange peel over it. Boil some rosemary leaves in water for a beautiful anti bacterial solution for wiping down surfaces and objects. Get with the natural programme – use the bounty of nature.

You will become more sensitive to false scent and become more highly attuned to the vibration of the universe.

Resonate with purity, and we can all rise to the next level of evolution together!