Florapolis in Redfern – A new Urban Florist

Hello natural beauties how are you? I was walking home the other evening and stumbled across a gorgeous new florist called Florapolis. Attached to the old garage at the top of Regent St, Redfern, you could be mistaken that you were in Europe, somewhere in the countryside, admiring delightful flowers, plants and good vibes.


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Info for Florapolis

Carlos has created a space that not only is supercool, but that elevates flowers to their rightful place in an urban environment. From recycled old mattress frames that make a potting shed, to old ladders and boxes it really captured me as I walked by.

A stunning posie in an old glass, wrapped with leaves

All the posies were out the front, with a special shed/office at the back for the tall flowers which included roses a plenty. It was evening so my little movie is a bit dark but you’ll get the drift.

Recycling is the key word here as Florapolis has used found objects like old pots, discarded furniture and pretty much anything you can think of that has a great look and no doubt a great story.

And this is the little posy I bought for my friend Sheila who lives in a nursing home. If you live in Sydney it’s worth a visit.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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