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Chapter 6


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Abundant energy sustains us

Abundant energy sustains us


Abundance is one of those words that has become very well used in the past few years, along with manifestation and a few others. This is a great thing because it brings consciousness into popular culture, and allows everyday people to get a glimpse at the true nature of life. Not everyone is attuned to higher consciousness, but I’m hoping this wave of awareness will not only continue, but also grow until we have taken a huge leap in evolution.

So basically the way to abundance is through gratitude. When you are thankful, it makes you feel good. When you feel good your energetic presence resonates with happiness, which draws good tidings toward you. When good things happen to you because you have opened your field of focus, you will have more to be grateful for, and the upward spiral of thankfulness allows you to see abundance in the smallest of things.

Be thankful to open the floodgates of abundance

Be thankful to open the floodgates of abundance


Essential oils can help support you on your journey to abundance. Well actually, you already are abundant, essential oils will allow you to acknowledge this within and around you. How? Their scent and energy will enhance your ability to see beauty, because they simply exist as beautiful representations of the world around us.

You may choose to have a daily ritual of giving thanks, which will set your entire being into an abundant energy field. It doesn’t have to be long or arduous to give great results!

Fresh clean inspiring pine

Fresh clean inspiring pine


“abundance through others


Pine’s fresh clean scent is exhilarating and inspirational. Have you ever had the experience of standing in the middle of a cluster of pines? It can be a silent, uplifting moment of clarity. Pine offers abundance in every drop. There is enough sunlight, oxygen, love, joy and money for everyone and by having more of these things doesn’t necessarily mean you will be taking away from another. The more beauty you have in your life, the more you will be able to share. I use pine oil when I am stuck; when I need to get moving, and as a way to allow myself to be showered by the abundance of another person. We are not in this life alone, and sometimes abundance may be presented to us by someone else.”


Myrrh in its natural form before it undergoes steam distillation to produce an essential oil

Myrrh in its natural form before it undergoes steam distillation to produce an essential oil


“heals deep wounds of the past


Energetically, I use myrrh to conjure enthusiasm for life, when I’m finding it difficult to see the abundance and positive flow of energy around me. I use myrrh when I feel like nothing is going my way. Myrrh is the healer of deep wounds of the past, providing a new start to creating your life and rising to your destiny.”


Be thankful. Great things will come of it.


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