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Chapter 13

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“Health is not a condition of matter, but of mind.”

Mary Baker Eddy

Founder of the Christian Science Church

The word health spans many topics including, diet, exercise, how we feel on a daily basis and just general well being. Can you be healthy if you have a chronic disease? Can you be unhealthy if you are living without encumbrance? Health and well being are very subjective and personal and what is healthy for one person is not healthy for another.

Cool vintage health poster

Cool vintage health poster

Some say health means being totally free from any disorder and disease. Others would say health is a state of mind but to me it’s all of the above, and a whole lot more, and it’s personal too. You can be a very healthy person if you are a paraplegic. You can be very unhealthy if you are a teenager with a perfect body. Health is a word used to describe us in our world.

You can use essential oils to achieve optimum health – the best health you can achieve right now, and this is different for everyone. Essential oils will impart their healing energetic medicine to your soul as well as your body and your mind.

“Remember that smelling an oil will always have an effect on your mind, and this is where your decisions about health will come from. For example if you take a big sniff of rosemary oil, the individual components of oxides, ketones and monoterpenoids will be will be quite enlivening, and according to science, rosemary will hep you remember. But it will do more than that – it will surge forth and bathe your entire being with the aromatic secrets of the universe. The oils will also effect the emotions, which also play an important role in our health and wellbeing.”



Flowering rosemary in my client's garden

Flowering rosemary in my client’s garden


“Trying to “cure” a disease or disorder with an essential oil won’t work, so tap into the healing intelligence of the universe and your body with essential oils.”



By employing essential oils in daily life you will create a beautiful outer and inner environment  which will make your life easier and the little ups and downs (and even the big ups and downs) will be taken in your stride. I recommend using any essential oil for a healthy life and if there’s is one oil that stands out it is lavender!

Lavender is a must have!

Lavender is a must have!

Lavender can be used for just about anything from headaches and stress, to gaining courage and having strength. Lavender is a healing herb used for thousands of years so it must have some magic to it.

Dive in and use essential oils for everyday health. For my health formula click on one of the links below.

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Thanks everyone.

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