Hug an Aromatic Tree Today! Himalayan Cedarwood

This gorgeous oil has a distinctive scent – rich, woody and sweet with an almost chocolate undertone. Used in Ayurveda, Cedrus deodora is used to balance the doshas and to counteract depression and help with breathing difficulties.


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I found this tree in Akeroa, New Zealand.

I found this tree in Akeroa, New Zealand.

Usually found growing in high altitudes in the Himalayas I can see why this old tree was thriving in the South Island of NZ. It stood so tall I couldn’t see the top!

I hugged this tree.

And now everytime I use the oil it reminds me of this lovely day, with old and new friends, and a sense of freedom.

Go forth and hug an aromatic tree today, it will connect you to your true purpose, and the fundamental energetic patterns of the universe.


Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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1 thought on “Hug an Aromatic Tree Today! Himalayan Cedarwood

  1. The lovely title really catches my eyes. But it literally means that. Seeing so many posts about this essential oil, I believe that you’re crazy about it and it’s worth trying. I wish I could have an experience as cute as hugging an aromatic tree though.

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