Myrrh Doesn’t Really Want to be an Essential Oil

Hi aromatic geniuses! I was making a perfume today and a few drops of myrrh is in the recipe. I realised last week I’d run out, and had to rush to the shop to buy a little bottle, late Friday afternoon. Anyway, patience is a virtue when it comes to myrrh.


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Here’s the thing….. myrrh is a resin that’s tapped from the tree. It is then steam distilled into an essential oil for us to use in our healing lotions and potions.

But the older the little bottle of myrrh gets, the thicker and more gooey the oil gets.


myrrh resin - pic via Pinterest

myrrh resin – pic via Pinterest


Initially the deep red oil, distilled from the deep red resin, is thin and easy to use.

Then, in all its power, it starts to harden up. Commiphora myrrha (or Commiphora molmol), really just wants to be a resin. So when I was making my perfume I had to take the plastic dropper out of the bottle, soak it in boiling water to clear the resin from it, and use an eye dropper to get a couple of drops. (This is after waiting for about 5 minutes for one drop to comes out of the bottle – ugh!).

Check out my video on myrrh, and how I feel about The Man with Two Brains:


the resin of myrrh

the resin of myrrh


It is related to frankincense, as they belong to the same family, Burseraceae, but they really behave differently, Frankincense is quite happy being an oil thank you very much.

Myrrh is the healer of wounds. This makes sense when we look at its strength and its overwhelming desire to get back to its natural state. By healing a wound (whether emotional, spiritual or physical), we are returning to our natural state of health.

Do you use myrrh oil? Or do you prefer to burn the resin as an incense?


Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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11 thoughts on “Myrrh Doesn’t Really Want to be an Essential Oil

  1. Hi Beautiful Suzanne – you made my day with your video! I adore your fresh perspective on so many things and your sense of humour! I think of Myrrh as having magical powers in a way – maybe because it was given to Jesus when he was born and given to him, once again, during the crucifixion. It would be nice to have a Myrrh cabochon ring or Myrrh necklace…. I wonder if that could be done like they do with Amber?
    Keep Shining, Suzanne XX

  2. Hi, Suzanne 🙂 Nice video. Yes, I have my gooey, sticky little bottle of Myrhh. I love its rich, deep scent and it definitely falls in the category of spirit`enhancing oils. Since mine still has a good fragrance, I was thinking of diluting it with a little vodka (40% vol), or some while Overproof Rum (63% vol.). Have you ever tried that?…and did it work? My reasoning was–after the alcohol content had evaporated, the Myrrh would be more viscous so I could add it easier into blends, or use by itself on a warm stone diffuser. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mary yes I love the myrrh also when it gets thick and dark. You could use a little vodka for sure, I don’t think I’d use rum though as it’s slightly more flavored/scented than vodka. You can also try sitting the bottle (closed) in a cup of boiling water before you use it. This will make it less viscous and easier to pour x

  3. I enjoyed your video but wandered once myrrh has turned back into it’s resin after being opened & not used for a while is it still good to use in moisturizers, etc. Or is it possibly rancid because it hasn’t been used for months? Also, if it’s still good at this point is it okay to use on my skin, etc.?

    • Hi Melody thanks for your question. Yes it’s totally fine to use again but you’ll probably have to put the bottle in a water bath or Bain Marie to loosen it up a bit. Often the resin sticks the lid to the bottle too, so managing to get through all those steps, it will be fine for you to use in any of your formulas. It is an oil that will last for a long time. I feel you will know intuitively if it’s not right. Hope that helps x

      • Thanks so much for your timely reply & information. It does help with my concerns! Thanks again

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