Winter Flowers in My Neighbourhood – A Photo Essay

Looking for inspiration today I quickly walked around the block and snapped a few happy winter flowers. This is what I saw:


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A pretty camelia round the back lane:


A pretty camelia around in the back lane



And my forever favourite, lavender. The girls next door just planted these plants called “Avonview”. It’s Lavandula stoechas ssp Avonview:


lovely lavender

lovely lavender


A distant shot over the fence, up the laneway, in a grey sky:




A stunning lilly opposite me in my little street:


Arum lilly

Arum lilly


A cute little pansy with a face, spotted on my way back from the post office:




My red zygo cactus (the pink one has already flowered:


zygo cactus

zygo cactus


And some beautiful ornamental kale in a bunch of flowers for my mum:


ornamental kale

ornamental kale


And finally the beautifully illustrated paper from the local book shop. They gift wrapped a book I bought for my 86 year old mum in hospital:


botanical gift wrapping paper

botanical gift wrapping paper

Thank you.

The end.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

Check out my YouTube channel too, thanks.

copyright 2016

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