Spotlight on banks botanicals ~ Botanical Perfumes by Suzanne R Banks

Hi scent lovers! In this mini-series I am featuring the perfumers who will exhibiting at the inaugural boutique event – the Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo on October 23rd in Sydney. Lets follow on from Aromatique Essentials to me! Yay! banks botanicals by Suzanne R Banks.


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Who are you?                                    Suzanne R Banks    

What’s your business name?           banks botanicals

What’s your website?              (shop not ready yet)

What is your first scent memory?    a little violet perfume bottle called Devon Violets

What is your favourite botanical ingredient (right now)?      organic rose otto


my little cuties

my little cuties


How do you hope your fragrances will make your customers feel?  

Overcome with scented delight, connecting them to the fundamental patterns of the universe, feeling completely at one with the world.


Why are botanical ingredients more luxurious than synthetics?

Botanicals extracts including essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extractions have been created by nature, and hold the secrets of the universe within their molecules. They are individually complex as many molecules make up a drop of essential oil. They are warm and rich whereas synthetics are cold and thin. We can improve our senses when using essential oils, improve our intuition and ultimately connect to our purpose in life. They are our scented holistic support system provide by mother nature.


What is your “go-to” scent in nature to make you smile?    Murraya


How do you apply fragrance?   

I always apply my perfume to the inside of my arms and my hair. I apply small amounts frequently as I am using the perfume to help my state of mind and emotions. I sometimes use a makeup pad with perfume in my bag or in my bra if I’m going to a party – when people hug you – you get a burst of joy! The scent is always about YOU, not THEM.


my logo - I've used this mandala for nearly 15 years

my logo – I’ve used this mandala for nearly 15 years


How is your business (and your perfumes) different?

My business is me and I know that when I create perfumes, oils blends and other products, I am infusing myself into them. I love using organic where possible although this can make some perfumes very expensive…. but hey,  I want to acknowledge and respect the plant, the farmer and the earth when using organics because it is part of my ethos. I also only use oil bases in my perfumes and never use alcohol because it’s a solvent and breaks down the integrity of the scent. I’m all about softness and warmth in my scents.


What is your favourite scent to gift to your friends?

I almost always make a bespoke scent for my friends – considering where they are at and what they like. I always create a a great name for their scent too.


What is an unusual way you scent your home? 

I love to put essential oils in cleaning water and often use fresh scented flowers too. It’s the simple things that are wonderful, and let’s face it, you only need to cook something delicious and it scents your space immediately!


Have you always loved scent? (WILD QUESTION)

Yes I have. From that little bottle of Devon Violets, to my grandmother’s gifts of 4711, to the classics of french perfumery, I learned to love perfume. When I was a teenager I bought a bottle of lavender oil and thought I was very progressive. My scent tastes are more refined as I have completely moved away from synthetics  – but I credit all my early experiences as making me the aromatherapist and perfumer I am today.


Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils

Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils


Come to  the Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo on October 23rd in Sydney and experience banks botanicals by Suzanne R Banks. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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