Spotlight on Aromatique Essentials ~ Botanical Perfumes by Julie Nelson

Hi scent lovers! In this mini-series I am featuring the perfumers who will exhibiting at the inaugural boutique event – the Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo on October 23rd in Sydney. Lets follow on from Pearl Perfumery to Aromatique Essentials ~ Botanical Perfumes by Julie Nelson.



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Julie Nelson from Aromatique Essentials

Julie Nelson from Aromatique Essentials


Who are you?                                    Julie Nelson   

What’s your business name?          Aromatique Essentials

What’s your website?             

What is your first scent memory?   Mum’s Christmas pudding mix and fresh cut grass

What is your favourite botanical ingredient (right now)?     Tiare absolute


A gorgeous botanical logo

A gorgeous botanical logo


How do you hope your fragrances will make your customers feel?  

To feel beautiful, connected to self and like they can conquer challenges!


Why are botanical ingredients more luxurious than synthetics?

I have worked with botanicals for so long now,  for me they capture the essence of ones soul, they are complex and a beautiful scent within themselves.


What is your “go-to” scent in nature to make you smile?

I don’t have one, I have many…I love heady floral scents with spice! Jasmine for its divine feminine essence.


How do you apply fragrance?   

Using a spray I like to spray it above me and let it fall over me, on my heart area and back of neck. Anointing perfume on my heart, throat and shoulders.


Julie's lovely work desk

Julie’s lovely work desk


How is your business (and your perfumes) different?

I am essentially and educator and natural health and wellbeing consultant, using the power of perfume to strengthen the mindset, improve moods and emotions. My focus is signature perfumes which means that a client’s perfume is the essence of their being – in a bottle. It is their personality, their intentions and desires wrapped up in one.


What is your favourite scent to gift to your friends?

I create signature perfumes for them, nothing can compare! I love to give a perfume from one of my collections when I feel that is what they may need at that time


What is an unusual way you scent your home? 

I’m not sure about unusual but I use room sprays, fragrant flowers and beautiful Japanese incense.


What inspired you to work with natural botanicals? (WILD QUESTION)

Having my beautiful daughter who was born with two life threatening conditions, she was my driving force in discovering the power of essential oils and botanical extracts and how they can support us on all levels emotionally, psychologically and physiologically.





Come to  the Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo on October 23rd in Sydney and experience Aromatique Essentials. We’re all looking forward to meeting you.

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