A Day at the Mud Spa – Vietnam Blog 2

Xin chao from Vietnam! In this week’s blog I’ll share my fun afternoon at a mud spa and resort. I’ve edited the movie on my phone which was a little hard to do and also blogging from my phone I’ve lost the formatting and links to my book and website below. Maybe I’ll figure out how to do that soon? So please enjoy my little move from I Resort, Nha Trang, Vietnam.


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I felt hydrated and clean after a 30 minute soak in the mud followed by a 30 minute soak in the hot mineral herbal bath. 

The herbs were fragrant and sweet and I loved the little handmade cotton balls that were stuffed full. 

The view over the river from the upper waterfalls was stunning.

It was a wonderful way to spend  four  hours with the beautiful view of the lotus pond waiting for me when I left.

I love Vietnam!


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