Aussie Blue Sky – Aussie Blue Cypress

Sydney summer sky

Sydney summer sky

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the blue pic above, was just a picture of blue. I took this, this afternoon lying on Maroubra beach – it’s a picture of a clear blue Sydney summer sky! I felt so fortunate today. I’d just finished doing the last of the Chopra Centre 21 Day Meditation Challenge about abundance and as I opened my eyes this is what I saw.

The feeling of freedom was overwhelming.

Then I thought “cypress”.

Then I thought “Australian blue cypress”. Callitris intratropica.

This oil is not very well-known but its absolutely stunning. It comes from the trees that grow in the Northern Territory, the wood and bark being resistant to insects. It is native to the area of the mainland and also the Tiwi Islands. The Tiwis’s are Melville and Bathurst Islands and they have a magic and special energy. It is claimed that the islanders have been living here for at least 20,000 years or more. Just like our other indigenous peoples, these civilisations have actually been around for much, much longer.

The trees grown in sustainable plantations and have various uses, one being the essential oil that is distilled from the wood.

Australian Blue Cypress sneakily borrowed from

Australian Blue Cypress sneakily borrowed from

The blue colour comes from the active ingredient “Guaiazulene” which is similar to “chamazulene” in German Chamomile. This is the anti-inflammatory component of the oil, and one of the most obvious. It is dark blue, almost inky and has a spicy, woody fragrance. It’s is quite thick and heavy too.  I remember being at a conference years ago and someone presented this oil as wonderful for lung infections. Any kind of disorder that requires cooling and soothing could be used with Blue Cypress. It still isn’t really classified as an essential oil as the regulating body in Australia hasn’t recognised it’s therapeutic qualities yet.

Australian Blue Cypress is a more expensive oil as the yield is quite low, and it takes a long time to distill.

I sometimes use it as a grounding, centering treatment when a client is overwhelmed or heated up with stress. It is powerful. I always say all oils go with all oils, but this cypress lends itself to lighter sweeter oils like lemon, orange, geranium, rose geranium, rose and anything you can think of really.

If you ever see it, it is worth a try. What about 1 drop on your wrists as a connection to the mysterious, wondrous time of the last world age.

7 thoughts on “Aussie Blue Sky – Aussie Blue Cypress

    • No it’s not really similar to Cypriol. Cypriol is the common name (actually a brand name) of a shrub from the Cyperacae family, and Australian Blue Cypress is a woody tree belonging to to the Cupressacae family. The blue cypress is like a dark blue ink with a cypress/pine scent. Cypriol is made from a rhizome or root and is more like patchouli and vetiver.
      You are very accomplished with your oils and I’m mega-impressed!

      • Thankyou that’s very nice of you to say , I would say my knowledge is quite surface. I have done a little research on each if my oils but as far as origin and method of distillation , you have that covered and I’m impressed! I love cyprol oil very much , it’s subtle but very penetrating ! It takes me back to when I was a child attending scripture at the local church . All the wooden phues and to me it smells quite spiritual. Can u suggest where I may get some blue cypress oil from ?
        May I ask if u are aware of New Directions ? That is my go to for EO and floral waters. It’s my Nivarna , next to the department store perfume counter !
        Great chatting

  1. You will be able to get Australian Blue Cypress at New Directions. (just called Blue Cypress). I mostly buy packaging from ND and get oils from other suppliers. I have been a customer of theirs for 15 years and worked for them for a while. I’ve told Portia about the showroom – he’d love it!

    • Of course u know it ! I find the staff there very lovely and I just love to go in there and sniff, good to know I can find ABC there , I will be on the look out next time I shopping for fragrant treats ! Wow , you worked there to, I hope they had good staff benefits ! I’m really tempted to but tabacco absolute but it’s a bit expensive and I’m not sure how I would use it!

  2. Gorgeous pictures on a post that happens to be on my daughter’s birthday..
    I will have to seek out some Australian blue cypress…will see if my favorite e.o. carrier (Eden Botanicals) has it!

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