What Essential Oil is This?

sneakily borrowed from biodagar.com

sneakily borrowed from biodagar.com

So many essential oils share similar qualities and properties, although they are all unique in their characteristics. Scent is the main way we distinguish essential oils from one another, and we know how varied the beautiful fragrances are!

I’m going to tell you about an oil, and as you are reading you may have an idea of what it could be. I will talk about the oil from the perspective of its uses and how it can influence the body.

The plant is grown in tropical climates, in Asia.

Some of its chemical constituents are:

* linalool (an alcohol) – also found in lavender and basil and has a warming effect

* B-caryophyllene (a sesquiterpene)- also found in cloves and could be considered balancing

* Benzyl benzoate (an ester) – also found in jasmine and can be seen as calming

Each chemical constituent within an essential oil, gels with all the others to produce an general effect on the body. Not all oils with esters will necessarily be calming oils. I know that’s a bit technical but I’ll give you some more hints.

yin yang

yin yang

Energetically it is said to be a “yang” (masculine) oil, and has an absolutely stunning oil with a heady, sweet aroma.

This oil could be blended with others to make a sexy, love oil.

It is a flower.

Uses of this oil include:

* calming nerves

* as an aphrodisiac

* stimulating cell growth

 is our mystery flower

this is our mystery flower

This oil is used extensively in perfumery, but it doesn’t need anything else to help it.

This oil is YLANG YLANG – Cananga odorata! What a beautiful oil it is. I love using Ylang Ylang anytime. It works well with orange oil and is great to counteract frustration and even anger. Soothing and calming to the nerves, it also works as an aphrodisiac with it’s deep, base scent.

How about a body oil blend like this –


3 teaspoons carrier oil

3 drops ylang ylang

3 drops orange

1 drop patchouli


2 thoughts on “What Essential Oil is This?

  1. When I saw the picture I knew what is was ! Interesting facts Suzanne, I adore Ylang Yland and wintergreen together in the bath , it’s a medicinal floral that gives a cool mentholated sweetness ! It’s different , but very unique!
    I love your posts so much and look forward to seeing them in my in box ,
    I’m going to have a bath right now infact , hmm , relaxing 😉

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