Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk

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Chapter 10

Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk

Another look in between the covers of my book


Excellent work, you!

Excellent work, you!


“An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on a path to change”

Louise L. Hay


Ah yes the most important thing about repeating affirmations is that your energy and spirit must be aligned with what your brain is saying. If not, the universe gets confused and finds it hard to surround and support you in your endeavours. As Louise says, affirmations are simply gates to a world of energetic change, and by using essential oils you can amplify your desires and link them to a world of scented beauty.

“By using essential oils with your affirmations you can transcend your logical mind and align your desires with your soul. When you are inviting essential oils into your world, attach some loving good feelings to those oils and your affirmation, and you will have a powerhouse of positivity”.

Suzanne R Banks


Affirmations are a great tool to open your awareness to wonderful possibilities, but at the same time being kind to yourself is just as important. We often have many (false) beliefs running in the background of our minds that negatively influence the way we speak to ourselves. If you drop and smash something in the kitchen do you hear yourself saying “I’m an idiot” or “I always smash things” or something similar? Sometimes these little sayings have been with us since childhood and it’s time to CHANGE!


Dr Joe Dispenza recommends saying CHANGE out loud  when you recognise a detrimental belief about yourself

Dr Joe Dispenza recommends saying CHANGE out loud when you recognise a detrimental belief about yourself


Changing old patterns is easier with essential oils, and here are a couple I recommend –


Cinnamon is a great spice that lends happiness and positivity to your world


be sweet with yourself

Aw go on you can do it! Cinnamon is so fun and lovely and is a great oil to use in your formulations for scenting your space. This essential oil will help you lighten up and enjoy the person you are now and the one you want to become. Add sweetness to your day!

Beware of cinnamon’s bite and do not use it on your skin – it will burn!

I took this pic in Sydney - there's so much lavender here it's wonderful

I took this pic in Sydney – there’s so much lavender here it’s wonderful



solid foundations acceptance

“When it comes to self-esteem and positive self-talk use essential oil of lavender for coherence and solidarity. This is an oil I would use for any kind of imbalance, to provide a sense of strong roots – a solid foundation.”

Suzanne R Banks


This oil comes from an ancient healing plant and must not be overlooked. It is abundant, easy to find in nature, and can be used for so many issues. You can just take a sniff straight from the bottle during your day to bring in a burst of calm and comfort.


To find out which other essential oils can help you be kind to yourself, click on one of the links below.

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Thanks everyone.

copryright SR Banks


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