Space Cleansing and Protection

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Chapter 11

Space Cleansing and Protection

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Cedar smudge sticks - pic via

Cedar smudge sticks – pic via

Space cleansing has been traditionally accompanied by herbs and a smoking technique called “smudging”. This has been employed by many indigenous people throughout the world using sage, tea tree and other raw materials.

Essential oils can do the same thing in an easier way and also give you a bubble of protection from negativity.

A personal mist is easy to make! pic via

A personal mist is easy to make! pic via

The easiest way to surround and protect yourself is to create a mist with some oils and carry it with you wherever you go. Mist yourself, your car and your work space for an immediate cleanse, and an energetic seal that indicates this is your space, divinely scented.

My tips to make a mist:

In a 50ml mist bottle filled with water add 25 drops of oil

(depending on the packaging you have, you may need to use a little alcohol -like vodka- at the bottom of your bottle first, so the oils disperse into smaller drops to prevent clogging the atomiser top. I’ve found sometimes it works just with water, and sometimes it doesn’t – very annoying!)

Throw some essential oils into your bucket and mop your floors

Throw some essential oils into your bucket and mop your floors

And of course if you add essential oils to your house cleaning regime you have the added benefits of an aromatherapy treatment too. The essential oils go to work to help stagnating energy disappear, leaving you with a fresh, clean vibe and scent.

Here are some oils I recommend you use:


spontaneous lightness

I’ve always used juniper to release negative, watery, emotions. When you can let go of emotions and energy that do not serve your highest good. it is easier to find a more positive vibe…. If you want a champion of “protection” juniper will not let you down. Juniper has the sent of sophistication.”



tea tree

tea tree

“Tea Tree



Tea tree is brilliant for removing bacteria and other impurities from your environment and most people equate tea tree with this action….. There is noting subtle about tea tree, but don’t be hesitant to use it in a diffuser or sample it and take it with you in your bag….. If you feel like you need a sturdy force of purity in your space try tea tree with some softer oils to make your potion pleasing as well as powerful.”


As a quick method of personal protection put a couple of drops of essential oils in your palms, rub them together, then smoothe down your energetic field with the oil (it will look as thought you are stroking nothing, with your hands about 10cm from your actual body).

Voila! Instant recalibration!

To find out which other essential oils can help you cleanse your space and add a little protection from the outside, click on one of the links below.

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Thanks everyone.

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