The Start of the Vlog!

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The Start of the Vlog!

at the movies!

at the movies!

I’ve started my YouTube channel to try something new.

I’ve been writing 2 articles a week for just over 2 years, and sometimes it’s hard to find things to write about – especially now I have a book to promote too.

I’ve got a way to go with presenting style but I’d be grateful if you hang in there with me, as I talk about essential oils and aromatherapy.

This week I introduced myself – now you know what I look like (but after having said that I had just come from the hairdresser’s so it’s not always going to be that pretty)





And I also talked about Fennel Oil:





So with a few less “ums” and “ahs” and “so’s” and “yeah’s”, I’m looking forward to doing some new things. Please subscribe to my channel if you feel so inclined.

hearts to you

hearts to you


Thanks so much everyone,


copryright SR Banks 2014




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