Expand Your Consciousness with Essential Oils

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Expand Your Consciousness with Essential Oils 

Essential oils reflect the same holographic nature of the univers

Essential oils reflect the same holographic nature of the universe

Can you actually expand your awareness and consciousness with essential oils?

Answer: Yes


Answer: Just start using them!


” The more you use essential oils the more comfortable you will feel about them.

The more at ease you are with these oils the more likely you will be to rely on your intuition.

The more you rely on your intuition, the stronger you will connect to your true self.

The more these connections are used the more confident you will become in your environment.

The better you feel about yourself in your world. the more you will be able to turn your true desires into your destiny, by allowing more of the real you to be revealed.

The more you live and breathe your true purpose in life, the more you will shine from within. Your light will become joy. When others benefit from your joy you are living your destiny, and acknowledging your true spiritual nature.”

An excerpt from the book Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils, Suzanne R Banks.

love essential oils - they will love you back

love essential oils – they will love you back

So yes, I’m quoting myself again, thanks for hanging in there with me. You know I’m right and that’s why you’re here, right now, reading this.

There is a magical presence when you open a bottle of essential oil, as it travels through your brain to the ancient limbic system. Here your experience of the scent is translated across platforms into information that can be converted into memory, and connect us to elusive feelings of knowingness. We can use these newly created memories to tap into a higher intelligence – which is within us all the time – but just might need to be activated.

Essential oils are divinely scented tools to help us evolve into kinder human beings.

Ah the wonders of a universe vibrating in waves of potential!

Ah the wonders of a universe vibrating in waves of potential!

Please simplify your life by removing products that are highly synthetically scented. The harmful chemicals seep into your body and act as the toxins they really are. You are filling your body with harmful information that is not in accordance with well-being.

Please allow yourself the beautiful scents of nature to guide your spiritual journey.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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