Botanical Inspirations from Oz- A Photo Essay

Hi there my scented friends! I’m really enjoying summer on this beautiful land and here are some lovely plants and flowers I’ve seen lately. I hope you are as inspired as I am with the lovely colours and shapes of nature.


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Eucalyptus or gum nut flowers

Eucalyptus or gum nut flowers

Where: the Inner West, Sydney

I feel:    happy and grateful for the warmth of Australia

Scent:  a very mild honey scent which brings bird life


Pine cones

Pine cones


Where: Sugar Pine Forest, Batlow. NSW,

I feel:    quiet and abundant

Scent:  not particularly scented but the environment of the pine forest certainly was!


Murraya peniculata

Muraya paniculata

Where: the Inner West, Sydney

I feel:    beautiful, dreamlike and sensual

Scent:  a very heady citrus/jasmine scent that permeates the air all around Sydney





Where: a friend’s garden, the Inner West, Sydney

I feel:    connected to the universe through the golden ratio

Scent:  mild herbaceous scent





Where: the Inner West, Sydney

I feel:    tropically delicious as if I’m on holidays

Scent:  a sweet honey floral

How does your environment make you feel – how are you inspired?

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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7 thoughts on “Botanical Inspirations from Oz- A Photo Essay

  1. OMG, Suzanne, you speaka my language!! I felt as if I could really smell them all as I was reading your descriptions – so very beautiful, indeed. Thank You for sharing such beautiful pics!!

  2. Gorgeous post, its a whole other magic when you connect with scent in this way. I have a little 4 year old granddaughter princess who loves to share the fragrance of flowers with me. We got told off by a very snarky bee this morning for disturbing his private magnolia orgy. Magnolia for me smells like water, its so clean and pure!

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