Be The Queen of Your Life

Hello natural beauties! I have just done a couple of live TV shows on TVSN in Sydney, as Brand Ambassador for Springfields Aromatherapy, and their beautiful skincare. This week we featured the Rose Collection, so it was easy to talk about beautiful organic Bulgarian rose oil.


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My dressing room for the day - feeling nervous

My dressing room for the day – feeling nervous

Live TV is nerve-wracking! The presenters are professionals and can turn it on quite quickly. I, on the other hand, found it challenging to be succinct and precise while going with the flow. Anyway it’s over now – phew!

I talked about rose oil as being “the Queen of Oils” due to its complex molecular structure and the fact that it is a “premium” essential oil. It is very expensive because the production of the Attar of Roses, or Rose Otto (meaning steam distilled rose oil), is very labour intensive. It can take 5000 kgs to make 1 kg of essential oil – or more – depending on the harvest, the size of the flowers and other variables. After all this is a natural product and we are subject to the ebb and flow of nature.

Rose is the Queen of oils

Rose is the Queen of oils


Using the Queen of Oils sends a positive energetic message to your soul – I am the Queen of my life. When I treat myself as a Queen, I am not the only one who benefits. I have more to share with others when I acknowledge my divinty.


My good friend Darryl, The Vitalist, took a sound grab from the TV. Thanks Darryl:


In my practice I use rose oil:

  • help the body deal with excess heat
  • help dry, mature, and sun damaged skin
  • help a client deal with grief
  • help a client process difficult emotions
  • allow the heart to open
  • acknowledge a client’s success or fears around a challenge ahead
More beautiful roses from my recent trip to New Zealand

More beautiful roses from my recent trip to New Zealand

As rose oil is expensive it is usually sold in a 3% blend in jojoba which is perfect to use straight on your skin as a perfume. If you are fortunate to have a pure rose oil then even 1 drop can be enough to soothe your soul, uplift your emotions, clarify your mind and help you feel abundant in many ways.

Me and Sarah on set

Me and Sarah on set

After the shows I was met by Springfields owner Rodney, with chocolates and flowers from the new Springfields garden. I hope to follow this story more closely as time goes on as Rodney has started the process of preparing the garden, which will grow the plants that will be hrvested to make botanical extracts for the skincare products. I’m excited about that!

Rodney from Springfields with dahlias and lavender from the new garden

Rodney from Springfields with dahlias and lavender from the new garden

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

Check out my YouTube channel too, thanks.


Have you ever used rose oil? What are your experiences?


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