Do Essential Oils Work on Our Souls? Week 3 of 3

Here’s an excerpt from my book on essential oils and aromatherapy. This is the third week of 3, quoting little sections in “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils”. Week 3 – Do Essential Oils Work on Our Souls?


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“The Soul – Instantaneous – Universal

Essential oils work via the brain, which acts as a processor of data, through the spaces between our molecules and atoms, and into our etheric body and spirit. Cosmologists and physicists say that our molecules, like the universe itself, are made up of 99.999% space. SO as we delves deeper into each molecule, to see electrons, neutrons and atoms buzzing around at super-high speed, we are also seeing a reflection of the universe at large. When we view the two together (understanding the fundamental oneness of the universe and us), we allow the soul to be revealed in full flight and acknowledge the essence of spirituality.


Flowering tarragon

Flowering tarragon


I use essential oils to enhance my experience of spirit. It’s that part of ourselves that exists in no particular place inside our mind or body. It is the immeasurable, yet quietly powerful part of ourselves know as the soul. We cannot separate this part of ourselves from our bodies and mind, and it has been difficult to prove the soul’s existence in a scientific sense (unless you are Deepak Chopra – he’s so brilliant he seems to be able to do it!)


Roses by me

Roses by me


The use of essential oils to penetrate the soul goes beyond trying to get you to believe they work. There is something delicious and haunting about scent and the way it soaks into our very essence – it is a depth of knowingness that essential oils can form a link between physicality and spirituality. The soul is universal and is eternally connected to divine intelligence – without the constraints of time or location.


Flowerin rosemary in a client's garden


The more you use essential oils the more comfortable you will feel about them.

The more at ease you are with these oils the more likely you will be to rely on your intuition.

The more you rely on your intuition, the stronger you will connect to your true self.

The more these connections are used the more confident you become in your environment.

The better you feel about yourself in your world, the more you will be able to turn your true desires into your destiny, by allowing more of the real you to be revealed.

The more you live and breathe your true purpose in life, the more you will shine from within. Your light will become joy. When others benefit  from your joy you are living your destiny, and acknowledging your true spiritual nature. Easy.





Our soul = The Universe


Essential oils,

allows us to

  • transcend the body and mind – essential oils working via the brain into our etheric body and other dimensions in the space-time continuum


  • activate universal consciousness within us


  • inspire living with heightened awareness, helping to reveal more of the real essence within us “the real you”, without earthly limits


  • entice our souls to reveal the path of our destiny, and the reason we are here


My wonderful book

My wonderful book


Thanks for reading my friends!

Have essential oils helped your spirit?

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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