banks botanicals “REVELATION” ~ My New Botanical Perfume Collection

Hello lovely readers. My book has been out for a couple of years now,and its doing really well, which I’m both surprised and happy about of course. While I was writing the book I decided that this would mark my move into botanical perfume. I knew as the book was coming together, the perfumes were on the pages, but I had to extract and create them.


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Me in my dressing room at TVSN

Me in my dressing room at TVSN


I was scared.

So I put the list of the oils in the book, under my bed, to allow messages to come to me while I was asleep. I think they may have stayed there for a year until I made new lists, which I stuck on my kitchen cupboards

So I had lists, and that was about it.

I was scared.

I felt I didn’t know what I was doing and compared myself to others in the field, who are very successful. I felt limited, and not courageous at all.

Then I found some bottles and made a decision about what form the perfumes would take – oil based perfumes.


I've got these gorgeous chamomile flowers in a teapot nest to my bed - sweet dreams!

I’ve got these gorgeous chamomile flowers in a teapot nest to my bed – sweet dreams!


Then I tried out some recipes on paper. I was still scared but I was moving forward. I always create on paper first. My challenge was that my classic Aromatherapy book has less than 50 oils in it, and I had to make 10 scents.

Then I made 10 samples and left them for a few months, as blends take some time to mature. Some were good. Some were not so good.

I was still scared I’d be found out as a fraud who knew nothing! But I kept going.

The next set of samples was better but I had a realisation – a “Revelation” in fact – that I was making aromatherapy oil blends NOT perfumes. So I started afresh. I started with a new mindset, to approach the blending differently than I would usually.


Dried juniper berries at a spice shop in Sydney

Dried juniper berries at a spice shop in Sydney


In the meantime fellow Perfumer and Aromatherapist Julie Nelson, of Aromatique Essentials, floated the idea of a botanical perfume event. I had been talking to Julie more and more and looked up to her as a mentor, so a little over a year ago we had a meeting about an event, and now we are almost at the first Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo ~ October 23rd ~ Sydney.

There’s nothing like a deadline to get you going, so I started making more samples. I’d wait a few months, test, make notes, and make new sample again. The more I worked the less fearful I became. Mind you I still freaked out about little things, but had to talk myself into the momentum, and accepting my individuality as a perfumer.


my little cuties


So at the perfume expo I’ll have 10 different perfumes that reflect the 10 active chapters in my book. I have used the “revelation formulas” to create each scent uniquely and really hope to see you there. My perfumes will be for sale in 9ml and 1ml samples.


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11 thoughts on “banks botanicals “REVELATION” ~ My New Botanical Perfume Collection

  1. Awesome Suzanne
    I’lol try and make it
    After working in the fragrance industry for a long time I think your concept sounds great and something new and refreshing, all the best for the launch!

  2. I have been following from afar, and in a sense have the same fears to fig deeper into my aromatic message. Thanks for sharing this Suzanne, it meant more to me than you can imagine and made me happy to see that your journey has been a “Revelation” to you. Wishing you much success 🙂

  3. Oh goodness, autocorrect just makes for some exciting comments jejeje … What I was trying to convey was that when we are scared of the journey ahead, we feel we are the only ones with fear. ❤

  4. Congratulations, Suzanne, on your new Fragrance collection. Your insight about creating perfumes and not [therapeutic] aromatherapy blends was great and got me thinking also about how I blend more for self-help remedies and skin care products. Perfumery is a special skill and so glad you got your creativity cap on. Although as we well know, natural botanical perfumes are therapeutic to the body, mind and soul as well. Much success in your new endeavor.

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