Oil Blends for ELLEN!

The fabulous Ellen

The fabulous Ellen


I’m watching Ellen. She’s talking about multi-tasking while watching TV. So I thought I’d write this article about Ellen, while I’m watching her show. I’m going to create some beautiful oil blends for Ellen and energetically send them through the ether. When you are doing a few things at once maybe these blends could help you too.

She’s dancing now.


A sparkly oil blend to garner some energy to dance.

In 3 teaspoons of oil add the following:

Lemongrass          1

Pink Grapefruit      5

Cinnamon             1

Massage into your body, Ellen, to get your dancing vibe going.


Now she’s got a guest who is about 10 years old, and he’s not really paying attention to her.

“Back to Me”

A formulation to be the star of your show at all times.

Jasmine in jojoba    a few drops on your wrists, and any other pulse points you fancy. Jasmine is a sexy, gorgeous oil and even if no one else notices, you will be the star of your own show.

be the star of your life

be the star of your life


And now Dennis Quaid is on and Ellen’s telling him what to do via his in ear microphones. He’s funny and a great sport. I always feel really bad for the person who gets punked!

“Resistance is Futile”

Here’s an oil blend for Ellen to vapourise in the guests dressing room so they will be entranced and do whatever she says.

In an oil burner with water add

Frankincense     10 drops

Bergamot           8 drops

Black pepper      5 drops

Nutmeg              3 drops

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid


And now Ellen is talking with a double lung transplant survivor. They have already danced.

“I’m in the Slipstream of Thankfulness”

This blend is to deeply connect with your spirit, and always be thankful for life, and keep a circle of philanthropy ever-moving. Thanks Ellen, you really are fabulous and very kind to people. And the guest is starting a foundation to help other transplant patients! Awesome.

In a 50ml mist bottle with water add

Cardamom       5 drops

Orange            15 drops

Sandalwood     5 drops

Mist all around to connect with the oneness of the universe.

our little spot in the big universe

our little spot in the big universe


Snooki and JWoww. Ok. I know they were in that show Jersey Shore but that’s all I know. Ellen is giving them gifts (as usual) and chatting about their lives. Here is a blend for Ellen to maintain her mental alertness towards the end of her show.

“Focus Focus Focus”

On a tissue, or makeup pad add the following drops and have a huge sniff when you start to vague out.

Rosemary    2 drops

Lemon         2 drops

Basil            2 drops

Snooki & JWoww

Snooki & JWoww


So there you have it. Real time recipes for Ellen DeGeneres. Why not try them out?

Thanks Ellen, great show.


5 thoughts on “Oil Blends for ELLEN!

  1. Thanks Suz, I was watching Ellen yesterday too. Can you tell me your favourite brand of sandlewood.


    • Hi Madeleine x in retail brands I like In Essence and the Oil Garden. Springfields too. You could also try Cedarwood Atlas (atlantica) as a substitute as it has a similar scent but is a third of the cost. Therapeutic properties are slightly different but it works well.

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