Essential Oil Recipes for the Gentleman

Hello natural beauties! It’s not only presumptuous, but very outdated to suggest that a particular oil or scent is more suited to a woman or a man. I have male friends who love geranium and woman clients who don’t like lavender. It comes down to (as always) preference, and that’s why there are so many perfumes and colognes in the world. There must be an infinite number of scent combinations possible with and infinite number of personal preferences …



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When I’m talking about essential oils, it’s not just about the scent but the therapeutic properties too. In my previous post “Electrifying Essential Oil Body Blends – for the Ladies” I create some wonderful oil blends specifically for women. In this article I will do the same for men. Hope you enjoy it.


smooth skin


Face Moisturiser and After Shave

The last thing you need after shaving with a razor is an alcohol filled splash. You have just taken off the hair and at least a layer of skin, so it’s best to go with soft creams and oils. Even if you don’t shave, using oils on your face with enhance the appearance of your skin, keep it hydrated and make you smell gorgeous. Some people even use oil in place of shaving cream, and it can work well. Oil will then be left on your skin and in your pores and extra moisturising may not even be necessary.

“Shaken, Not Stirred”

This blend is for the face and even one teaspoon will last a few days. In a little dish add one teaspoon of oil (apricot kernel oil, rosehip oil, camelia oil, almond oil) and then add a total of 3 drops:

Lemongrass                  1 drop

Cedarwood Atlas          1 drop

Lavender                       1 drop

Dip your fingers in to mix the formula, then use a few drops, rub between fingers and apply to your face. Less is best to start with then use more as required

“Resistance is Futile”

A blend to tap into your positive powers and smell divine at the same time. In one teaspoon of oil add a total of 3 drops::

Sandalwood   1 drop

Orange           2 drops


A blend to help your skin after drinking or lack of sleep. In one teaspoon of oil adda total of 3 drops::

Bergamot      2 drops

Patchouli       1 drop


Body Oil and Natural Scent

There are lots of men who are into natural products and it’s easy to create natural scent. Similar to how the face moisturiser is made, you can also make oils for your body and use these like a cream -all over your body, or simply use a bit on your arms, chest and neck in place of cologne. Here are a few recipes designed for the body:


treat your body well!

“I’m Pumped”

An after gym oil for all over your body. You don’t need to use much, just smooth the oil between your palms first. The more hair you have the more oil you will have to use because the hair follicle will absorb a lot!

In 4 teaspoons of oil (this time use a heavier oil like sunflower, almond, grapeseed or even olive) add a total of 10 drops:

Rosemary    3 drops

Lemon         6 drops

Marjoram     1 drop

“I’m Getting My Suave On”

For a night out….

In 4 teaspoons of oil (this time use a heavier oil like sunflower, almond, grapeseed or even olive) add a total of 10 drops:

Grapefruit                   8 drops

Cedarwood Virginian  1 drop

Ylang Ylang                1 drop

“Sun’s Out Guns Out”

To make your skin look, feel and smell amazing!

In 4 teaspoons of oil (this time use a heavier oil like sunflower, almond, grapeseed or even olive) add a total of 10 drops:

Australian sandalwood   5 drops

Petitgrain                       3 drops

Palmarosa                     2 drops


Natural scents for everyone!


Natural scents are wonderful for everyone! A man’s skin will benefit from the therapeutic properties of essential oils: skin renewal and hydration, easing muscle tension, easing stress, keeping the mind alert and general well-being.

And always consider the meta physical properties too: awakening the soul, stimulating happiness, connecting to the universe and your purpose in life.

Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

16 thoughts on “Essential Oil Recipes for the Gentleman

  1. Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon
    your web site and in accession capital to assert that
    I acquire actually enjoyed account your blog posts.
    Any way I will be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently rapidly.

  2. Thanks – was feeling a bit clueless as how to fragrance body products for my male customers. But these combos are a great guide!
    Also, what the?! (regarding the person who commented before me) Is it just me or did that make NO sense?!

    • Oh thanks Fatima I just complemented the comment before you. He is describing a type of system of shaving that he does that is traditional and probably not used by a lot of men. And hen his use of almond oil before the shave is quite genius as it protects the facial skin. Thanks so much x

      • Oh – sorry, I was referring to the comment that was left last year. I agree the almond oil idea is really great tip for added protection!

  3. I have been using cold pressed almond oil before I soap and after I shave and find it very soothing. I am a brush, mug and single blade double edge safety razor guy. A good face prep, massage in essential oil, whipping mug soap to a consistency of soft peeks of meringue, sharp blade and short strokes will give a great and comforting shave. Warm rinse, cold rinse and again massage in some essential oil. This will make you feel good, look good and start your day. Your blends of essential oils seem intriguing and I intend to try them. Thank you for your blog. Chef Arthur

    • Chef you’re a bloody genius I wish more men were open to this type of skin regime! Would you mind if I quote this comment in an up coming article (yet to think of one yet) because it’s so good. What you write and how you wrote is brilliant. Thanks Arthur x

  4. For “Resistance is Futile,” try doubling the recipe and add one drop of ylang ylang for a more “spring-y” scent. I plan on converting that one, possibly also “Shaken, Not Stirred,” to a spray on cologne using 100+ proof vodka. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Joe I love your conversions! I don’t use any alcohol at all with essential oils as I find it cheapens the scent but those who like perfume usually don’t have a problem with it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I use oil blends for face (after shave, also double edge safety razor, brush and soap kind of guy), beard oil, skin health and topical infections.

    It should be noted that most citrus oils (bergamot, bitter orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit) are contraindicated for use on skin that is exposed to the sun (i.e. face) as they are phototoxic. Sweet orange, blood orange, orange leaf are among citrus oils that are safe for topical use on areas exposed to sunlight.

    • Thanks Jason while you’re absolutely right about the potential phytotoxicity of citrus oils – especially from bergaptene in bergamot – these recipes are safe to use in everyday life. Not great if you’re going to sun bake on a tropical island all day but they are fine for use even in Australia where we have a massive hole in the ozone layer. Thanks so much for commenting and ill update the article as you suggest. It was one of my first articles so could probable use a re edit. Thanks again 😀

  6. Thanks for this article. I was struggling to find a site with a list of simple recipes for essential oils, but hadn’t thought to use the word recipes.
    I ended up trying 1 drop Sandalwood and a partial drop of Lemon Grass in about an ounce of 50/50 coconut oil and Sweet Almund oil. I found the Lemon scent to be strong at first, but it didn’t seem to last as long as the Sandalwood.
    I think I’ll try orange as soon as I can get my hands on some.

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