Immortality – A New Botanical Perfume by banks botanicals

Hello natural beauties!. What does the Fountain of Youth mean to you? It’s time to introduce the next botanical perfume, immortality, from my perfume range called REVELATION. The 10 all-natural organic botanical perfumes correspond with my book of the same name. Each perfume represents a “Revelation Formula” from one of the ten chapters on essential oils. Immortality is about an holistic approach to living your life in creativity.


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From the Fountain of Youth chapter in my book, I have created immortality the botanical perfume.

immortality 9ml roll-on bottle


“There is a fountain of youth: it is in your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life, and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”

Sophia Loren, Actress



To embrace the Fountain of Youth, a legend present in many cultures, It’s not just about anti-ageing creams, botox and facelifts. It’s about a multi-dimensional approach to life which includes;

The physical aspects – eating well, being vibrant and healthy, maybe exercising, using great skin care (aromatherapy based of course), and minimising the use of chemicals in your life. This means getting rid of all the yucky cleaning chemicals as well as synthetic perfumes and synthetic fragrance in washing products too.

The mental aspects – release stress through techniques such as meditation and yoga, helping others, positive self-talk and using essential oils.

The spiritual aspects – learn to look past the wrinkles in the mirror to the oneness that connects us all. By using essential oils you will be able to improve your intuition and come to rely on it more, resulting in a more holistic approach to life.

Or just use this beautiful perfume I have created ….


“Molecules dissolve and pass away, but consciousness survives the death of the matter on which it rides.”

Deepak Chopra



immortality 1ml sample


The immortality formula combines happiness oils and some of the essential oils I have listed in the Fountain of Youth chapter of my book. All my perfumes are hand-made, organic, vegan, jojoba oil based.

immortality captures an indulgent scent of neroli and bergamot conjuring long, sunlit days drinking floral fruit punch in an infinite garden. Frankincense and everlasting daisy take you into the warm summer evenings and a little spice cajoles your heart into loving the true essence of your creative being.

The fountain of youth is within you.

Ingredients: essential oils of *bergamot, *neroli, *frankincense, *everlasting and *clove in  *jojoba. *certified organic. 

1ml sample    $22 AUD

9ml roll-on     $187 AUD


How do you connect to the fountain of youth?

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