A Bee and Some Lavender

Hello natural beauties how are you? I’ve got a short and succinct post today. Remember to smell the lavender and give thanks to the bees.


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Lavender is an ancient healing herb, with many deep and unwavering powers. In my book Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils, I refer to lavender as an oil of solidarity and that’s what we need right now. It’s a herb and oil that can keep you grounded and feeling strong.

All hail lavender and the pretty little bees that love it too!

A bee in the lavender
Caught on camera somewhere in Sydney

All lavender pics by me – I just cant help myself I love it sooo much.

Thanks lavender, I love you.

2 thoughts on “A Bee and Some Lavender

  1. Thank you Suzanne for the healing purple. We’re in the high desert of New Mexico, U. S. up 7K feet. Fortunately, stats are still low here. Keeping occupied with cooking, walking, reading, and organizing. Hope all is well for you–Take care, Stay Well ❤

  2. Yes, the purple is healing and the lavender is so grounding too. It sounds like you’re in the perfect environment with lots of fresh air. I too have cleaned and reorganized many cupboards so that’s a good thing. I’m sure we are the lucky ones! Stay well and thanks Mary x

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