Essential Oils for a Seasonal Change – Northern and Southern Hemispheres

hemispheres & seasons

hemispheres & seasons

We are well into our new seasons now but that means different things for everyone, depending on where you are on our planet. As usual, most popular culture tends to favour the northern hemisphere, but believe me people, we are alive and well in southern hemisphere.

Yay for us in the southern hemisphere

Yay for us in the southern hemisphere

There are people going into spring where it is still cold and snowing, and others who are already warming up. There are some having a mild autumn, and those who are already feeling the chill.

What essential oil will you be using this season? I’ve narrowed it down to 4 oils I love – with a few body oil recipes – so you can coat your body with a gorgeous scent while helping to get in tune with nature.

Southern Hemisphere

the fennel plant

the fennel plant


For a cooler autumn fennel is always my choice. It is an oil of nurturing and loving yourself. It has a soft, rounded liquorice scent and blends well with so many other oils. It helps with digestion and generally feels quite warming. Eat the fennel bulb roasted with garlic for an inside-out treatment.

For a body oil blend add these drops to 3 teaspoons of oil (see my article Aromatherapy – It’s as easy as 1 2 3 for further information on quantities and ratios)

“So Soft and Sweet”

Fennel             2 drops

Orange            4 drops

Geranium        2 drops


the lovely mandarin

the lovely mandarin


For an autumn that’s still warm and lovely try Mandarin. The fruit starts to appear now, full of Vitamin C to prepare us for the colder winter months. Mandarin is an oil of happiness, and it helps us remember the hot days of late summer.

“Red. Warm”

Mandarin                     5 drops

Cedarwood  Virginian  2 drops

Cinnamon                    1 drop


Northern Hemisphere

absolutely stunning lavender fields via

absolutely stunning lavender fields via


A cooler spring, even with snow, brings promise. The days are getting longer and everything seems a bit lighter. Lavender is a great oil to use in these cooler spring climates as it is an oil that can be used for almost anything. It is an oil of solidarity and its purple energy can help in bringing lost energy to the fore, so you can embrace the new season with gusto.

“I’m Getting Ready for….. Something”

Lavender            4 drops

Lemon                4 drops


the fragrant jasmine blossom

the fragrant jasmine blossom


Jasmine is the perfect warm spring oil. It blooms early spring and I know when I see jasmine getting ready to flower around the inner city streets of Sydney, I get very excited. It is a sexy, gorgeous oil enticing sensuality to reveal itself. Jasmine can bring us out of our winter shell and propel us into the fun of summer.


Jasmine (3% in jojoba)      8 drops

Juniper                              2 drops


North or south of the equator, we can’t stop the planet turning and giving us light and shade in our lives. Embrace the new season, it could hold some magical secrets.

Remember to use your intention when you make your oil blends – you are the alchemist of your life! (also see my article What Do I Mean when I Say “Use Your Intention”)


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

8 thoughts on “Essential Oils for a Seasonal Change – Northern and Southern Hemispheres

  1. i am eagerly anticipating bright sunny days and hoping the warmer weather will get here soon in upstate New York! The oils I have been blending with lately are lavender, orange blossom, osmanthus, vetiver, new caledonia sandalwood and patchouli…they are perfect for spring to my nose!

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