Essential Oil Recipes To Get Yourself from “I’m a Loser” to “Things are Looking Better”

positive attitude via

positive attitude via

Sometimes we are just not positive all the time. That’s life, that’s hormones, that’s being human. Granted some people – like Wayne Dyer for instance – is positive most of the time, but I’m sure he has a moment or two when things aren’t completely rosy. It’s times like this we need to be our own champions of happiness and acceptance. Positive self talk is an important part of survival and a skill that needs to be practised. It’s great when you have someone to talk to about not feeling good about yourself, but that is not always the case. If you can muster up the energy to get some oils out and formulate a gorgeous scent for yourself, you are on the road to altering your perception of reality.

And what is reality anyway?

What is reality? via

What is reality? via

Our realities are a projection of our inner world.

So when you need to change your reality here are some great oil blends to help you on the path of least resistance.

Body Oils 

In 3 teaspoons of carrier oil add the following drops. If you want to make a bottle follow my article here for the correct ratios  Aromatherapy – It’s as Easy as 1 2 3.

To improve thoughts like “I’m a fat, ugly, loser” try

“I AM Alive, Yay”

Ylang Ylang    3 drops (help release anger and frustration, get sexy)

Mandarin        4 drops (innocence of life, happiness)

Fennel            1 drop (love yourself, be kind to yourself)


To improve thoughts like “I never get it right, she is so successful, look what they have”

“Free Spirit”

Cinnamon                  2 drops (inspires loving what you do for work)

Cedarwood Virginian  2 drops (connect to your spirit)

Lemongrass               4 drops (stimulates energy in the etheric body and physical body)


To improve thoughts like “I feel alone, I’m lonely, I want a partner” try

“OOO So HOT Right Now”

Sandalwood             1 drop (spirituality, sacred sexuality, tap into kundalini energy)

Rosewood               3 drops (flow of love and giving and receiving in the heart chakra)

Pink Grapefruit         4 drops (sparkle, cleanse old unwanted feelings)


Pure Pulse Point Perfumes

Anoint your chakras, or pulse points with the pure essential oil. Use the energy of the oil and the scent to transform your funk. Place a few drops into a container, dilute with a few drops of carrier oil, mix with your finger and anoint. Always place a tiny residue under your nose for the scent to go to work on your mind.

To improve feelings of deep regret and unhappiness try

“One Moment in Time”

Nutmeg       1 drop (mysticism, open your mind)

Lime            1 drop (happiness, my uniqueness is my forte)

Lemon         1 drop (refresh, reload new feelings)


To improve feelings of sadness, grief in any form and emotional pain try

“Breathe In, Breathe Out”

Marjoram             1 drop (relief, calming)

Rose Geranium    1 drop (happiness, joy, fun)

Juniper                 1 drop (release watery emotions)


To improve feelings of loss, not fitting in and not understanding life try

“I Share My Cells with an Elephant”

Spikenard                1 drop (spiritual knowledge of where you are in the universe)

Neroli in 3% jojoba   3 drops (immortality, fountain of youth, stress relief)


The most powerful ingredient when blending your oils is the subtle power of intention. When you place your intention, into your oil formula, you will create a masterpiece of healing through scent. For more information on intention see my article ( What Do I Mean when I Say “Use Your Intention”?

Remember to treat yourself first and then everyone will benefit.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

7 thoughts on “Essential Oil Recipes To Get Yourself from “I’m a Loser” to “Things are Looking Better”

    • Laris! Sorry I missed your comment and I’m very tardy in responding. Thanks for your time an energy reading the article, I’m sending you cyber-good-vibes down the line. Suzanne

  1. I love it ! Im in a bit of a funk right now, have some serious marketing to do on my business. I shall go make a blend and go from funk to Yay !!

  2. “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”…(I may be paraphrasing but I believe that is what Wayne Dyer says…and it is one of my matras!).
    thanks again for these fantastic recipes…I am with a life partner (my hubby!) but I was rather drawn to the sandalwood, rosewood, grapefruit blend….and the spikenard/neroli intrigued me as I find spikenard to be quite tenacious…will have to give it a try !

    • thanks Brie, yes spikenard is a very strong oil and always best when used sparingly. I don’t use it frequently but there are certainly times when it works well. If you do try it let me know your thoughts. Suzanne

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