Essential Oils 3% in Jojoba – What are they, and Why?

3% of essential oils in the bottle of jojoba

3% of essential oils in the bottle of jojoba

Oils that are sold as 3% in jojoba are mostly done so because of the cost. These oils are considered premium oils and are beautiful and more expensive than the regular oils like lavender and orange, for example.

These oils are usually sold this way:





German Chamomile

Roman Chamomile


and now also






Violet leaf

Tomato leaf……. and others.

When I was writing my last article I had to think clearly about what ratios I suggested for making a facial moisturiser of essential oil of rose, in rosehip oil. (See Rose and Rosehip – A Winning Combination for Youthful Skin )

When making an oil blend for a client’s treatment I usually take the dropper out and free pour the 3% blend into the bottle. When making other products I usually use the 100% pure oils, or not at all.

So I thought about it.

thinking....... pic via

thinking……. pic via

Then scribbled ratios, percentages and varying numbers on the page. Then sent a message to my aromatherapist Vicky to ask her opinion.


There is 3% of pure rose oil in each drop (of the 3% in jojoba). Imagine dividing that drop into 100 parts and then times it by 3. Miniscule.


Yes so I’m saying there’s 0.03 drops of rose oil in 1 drop of a blended oil. So if I wanted 1 drop of rose oil I’d have to multiply by 30.


If you multiply by 30 you’d get 90% pure. Now my brain’s fried.

33.3 drops (of the blend) is 1 pure drop…..I think”

So there you have it. How many aromatherapists does it take to do the maths?

Vicky just uses the 3% blends as if they are pure and adds a little more. She does this because she commented on the power and strength these oils seem to have. So even though the oils are far less concentrated, you won’t need as much as a standard oil anyway. But when it comes to recommending ratios I thought I would decide on my own and stick with it.

amplify your aura with a nourishing body oil

amplify your aura with a nourishing body oil

I made an oil for a treatment with a single oil – rose – to test it out. I decided to multiply by 3. If it was pure rose oil I would use the standard ratio, but using the blended oil I’ve decided to triple it:

50 mls of carrier oil

25 drops of pure rose (or less)


75 drops of rose 3% in jojoba


When I made an oil the other day for a treatment I used 3 oils in the blend. I doubled the 3% oil (rather than tripled)  as it seemed to work better:

50 mls carrier oil

Roman chamomile 3 %  12 drops (pure would have been 6 or less)

Bergamot                       12 drops

Frankincense                    6 drops


oh so pretty

oh so pretty voilets – it’s the leaf NOT the petals that are used to make the oil

Often these stunning essential oils that are blended with jojoba in a 3% ratio, are very strong too and so less is needed.

The benefits of having these gorgeous oils is that they are ready made perfumes!

Nothing is a sweeter scent than a few drops of jasmine, rose or neroli.

No alcohol to cheapen the lovey roundness of the oils.

No superfluous packing.

No hidden marketing costs.

Just a little amber bottle full of divine love.


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

7 thoughts on “Essential Oils 3% in Jojoba – What are they, and Why?

  1. I have bought most of my essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs. I remember when I started, I thought I just had to have Rose e.o. I about choked when I saw the price, but went ahead and bout 1/8 of an ounce. I looked at my inventory of oils after I read this post, and found that I still have the original bottle of Rose oil, and I have never used it!

    Speaking of oils, jojoba has gotten so expensive, I’ve sadly stopped using it, and substitute almond oil as a carrier. I hope it comes down eventually. Actually, all oils, carrier and essential oils are creeping up in price.

    • Wow that’s fantastic you found your pure rose oil! Use it up before it turns.
      Yes jojoba has risen in
      price the past few years as something has happened with the crops in the USA. I use almond, grapeseed, camellia, and sunflower and mix them up a bit and usually blend two together.
      Thanks for your comments, best wishes.

  2. You are right about Jojoba Oil getting to be very expensive. It used to be inexpensive to use; however within the past ten years, more people are using aromatherapy and essential.oils and the prices are outrageous. I like to use it because it absorbs so easily into your skin.
    Ina the 50’s, my parents raised Kale greens and we ate them often. Recently, there have been so many studies about the health benefits of Kale and the price is outrageous, also apples. The more people find out that God placed all food on this earth for the benefit of His people; the higher in price it gets.

    • Hi Katherine that’s an interesting take on where we are at the moment. That’s why we need sustainable and renewable farming. I wonder how your parents got you to eat kale? Thanks for reading and commenting x

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