Essential Oils for Emotional Freak-outs

It's ok if you are freaking out - grab a bottle of essential oil

It’s ok if you are freaking out – grab a bottle of essential oil

Sometimes we just have a meltdown. Freak out. Lose it. Feel completely overwhelmed, and wonder how we can go on. It times like these that essential oils really become ESSENTIAL!

But also, it’s times like these that we feel so weak the idea of getting an essential oil out and taking a big whiff is just too hard.

A drop of oil can be essential

A drop of oil can be essential

Phone a friend. Seek some solace in a chat with someone and if that’s not possible then try to take some time out to gather yourself. Don’t be afraid to go home early from work if you aren’t coping – or don’t go to work at all. Close the bedroom door if the kids are driving you to distraction. It’s ok to have some time to yourself and remember

“this time too shall pass”

If you are the friend that is there to help, here are some essential oil tips to help someone consolidate their energy and regain strength. This also applies to kids having a raging tantrum too.

red roses

beautiful roses


The Queen of Oils will bring softness and nurturing to the emotions and is the perfect freak-out tonic. Also wonderful for grief, rose oil helps the body deal with heat and inflammation – including hot feelings and an internal meltdown.

A drop of rose oil on the temples will be soothing and calming but remember the most important thing is to SMELL the oil so it can go to work on the brain and nervous systems quickly. For more info please see my article Stop and Smell the Roses”.

Rose oil could be used for prolonged periods of time to aid in recovery and to re-establish equilibrium.

Marjoram is a calming herb

Marjoram is a calming herb


Marjoram is sedating oil and perfect for some who’s crying and can’t stop. It is an oil I use to treat pain – muscle pain and emotional pain and is also another good oil for grief.

Combined with Lavender, Marjoram is the oil for acute pain and for stroking the energetic body into calm. This herb is a must have for anyone who’s into aromatherapy as its inexpensive and powerful. For more hints on herbal essential oils check out “Essential Oils from Herbs are Spectacular!”

lovely lavender

lovely lavender


This is the all round everything oil. I actually would use this for ANYTHING. The only time I would consider not using this oil is if a client doesn’t like the scent.

Lavender is calming and soothing and is an oil for solidarity and strength too. Lavender is a herb and belongs to the same family as Marjoram so they work well together. For more info on Lavender see my article Lavender is the “Little Black Dress” of the Oil Wardrobe

Hairy vetiver root

Hairy vetiver root


Oh yeah, one drop of this can bring a screaming child to calm quite quickly. It’s very heavy, cool scent can be a bit sickly so when it is used in aromatherapy it is used sparingly. A little goes a long way because of its power. Deep, Cool, Grounding Vetiver will give you some more hints on this amazing oil.

Vetiver helps align the meridians and bring focus where there was none. It “grounds” someone instantly when their head is up in the ether.

It’s important to look after yourself and your friends too.

Use your intention when you are using essential oils so they carry the energetic vibration of positivity.


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

2 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Emotional Freak-outs

  1. So happy to find your blog! Love the choice of oils for emotional freak-outs, and also the previous post on cardamon and blend options. Just fab!

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