Nurture Yourself NOW!

Dear natural scent lovers, nurture yourself NOW! It’s a practice in compassion – compassion towards your deserving self. I’m talking to you.


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love and nurture yourself now!

love and nurture yourself now!



If you’ve ever flown in a plane you will have watched the flight attendants demonstrate how to put a life jacket on and how to fit an oxygen mask on your face. They say it’s very important to fit the oxygen mask on YOURSELF first before you attend to your children and anyone else.


Are you more important than your child or another person on the plane?


It’s because YOU are required to be breathing and functioning so that you CAN attend to your children and others. If you aren’t taking control of your own needs first, the results could be worse.


Take care of yourself firdt

Take care of yourself firdt


Nurture yourself. That’s the message. Leon Nacson from Hay House, an author of dream books has mentioned this a few times at Hay House events in Australia. It has always stuck with me, and the more clients I treat the more I realise (generally speaking) we don’t nurture ourselves very well at all.

How are we to evolve into a kind, peaceful, loving society if we rarely treat ourselves with peace and kindness?

Please take time to have a massage, an aromatherapy treatment, some acupuncture, a facial, a pedicure or anything else you can think of.

Take time to explore why you have come to earth at this particular time. We need everyone here, now, to make a positive contribution to the oneness we are a part of. To contribute more to your family, your neighbourhood, your country, your planet you need to be feeling GOOD. You need to be feeling alive, vital, relaxed and stress free.


be peaceful in your everyday life

be peaceful in your everyday life


Your contribution may not be anything physical, but could simply mean being more kind to an elderly neighbour, or smile and look people in the eye walking down the street. It could mean meditating and radiating your energy into everything you do in your day. The benefits will expand exponentially, and you will be an important part of the evolution of human consciousness.

aaahhhhh essential oils

aaahhhhh essential oils


Using essential oils is a wonderful way to nurture yourself and enliven your mind and spirit. One drop could make the difference between a day, and a wonderful day.

Chuck a bottle of something in your bag and when you need to feel and be nurtured, take the cap off the top and have a huge whiff. Just start there. Practice nurturing yourself everyday and watch the amazing results.

We need you to be paying attention.

I often end my articles with this statement…..

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

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