Essential Oils for Hair Care

Lovely long hair in great condition

Lovely long hair in great condition

If essential oils can be used on your skin then they can be used on your hair too.

By now you know I dislike any kind of synthetic fragrance so you can imagine how much I really dislike most shampoos and conditioners. Hair styling products often have strong scent as well but those products are harder to replace with natural ingredients.


My advice is to find a natural unscented shampoo (they do exist) and add some essential oils. You could add essential oils to the whole bottle if you feel confident you have a lovely blend, or pick new oils each time you shampoo. Even though that sounds a bit harder it’s like aromatic dressing – making a new nourishing body oil blend each day. It allows for spontaneity and creativity, and each day you’ll feel emotionally and physically different from the day before.  As essential oils have individual purposes, you will be treating yourself for the day, according to your needs.

You’ll just need a little dish to squeeze some shampoo into, then add oils.

a cute little dish

a cute little dish

I’m going to estimate you’ll need 2 tablespoons of shampoo (but of course this will differ depending on the length and thickness of your hair). This equates to about  40 mls of shampoo so we will add 15 drops. If you are sensitive to essential oils reduce the amount to 10 drops or less. This ratio is lower than what I recommend for body oils for 2 reasons –

1. It’s close to your eyes and nose

2. You will wash it down the sink anyway

For more info on body oil ratios see this article.

You will be washing your hair AND having an aromatherapy treatment at the same time! YAY!

washing hair with essential oils can be revitalising

washing hair with essential oils can be revitalising

I don’t necessarily agree with using different oils for different coloured hair, and as always, some oils are better than others for this purpose.

Try these combo’s

1. “Lovin Myself”

For all hair types

Lavender     5 drops

Rosewood   5 drops

Orange        5 drops


2. “Just Stepped Out of A Salon”

For hair that’s a little oily

Spearmint                    6 drops

Lemon                        6 drops

Cedarwood Virginian   3 drops


condtioning hair - add essential oils

conditioning hair – add essential oils


The same ratios apply as for shampoo but at least by leaving the conditioner on your hair for a while will allow more benefits to soak in. Find an unscented conditioner and blend away.


For drier hair types

Peru Balsam      6 drops

Mandarin           6 drops

Patchouli           3 drops


2. “Smooooooth”

For all hair types

Geranium         4 drops

Marjoram         4 drops

Bergamot        7 drops


They are the basics, so I think I may have to do a Part 2, to include hair conditioning treatments with oils and natural hair masks using natural ingredients from the cupboard.

Stay tuned!


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

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