Are you Living Your Dharma? Countdown to a New Year!

The Buddhist Dharma Wheel - pic via

The Buddhist Dharma Wheel – pic via

What is dharma and why is it important?

“In Hinduism, dharma signifies behaviors that are considered to be in accord with the natural order.

In Buddhism dharma means “cosmic law and order”, but is also applied to the teachings of the Buddha. In Buddhist philosophy, dhamma/dharma is also the term for “phenomena”.

In Jainism dharma refers to the teachings of the Jinas  and the body of doctrine pertaining to the purification and moral transformation of human beings.

For Sikhs, the word Dharm means the “path of righteousness”. Wikipedia

I’ve been fortunate to hear many spiritual people speak on this subject and I interpret dharma as living your true purpose. Are you in a job you don’t like just to survive in this world? Are you in a job that you love where you don’t make much money at all? Do you work for yourself? It’s actually not really about your “job” but it’s definitely about your “work”. What it is that you have been brought here at this time on earth to do to help the evolution of the human race?

Meditating in NYC - pic via

Meditating in NYC – pic via

You don’t have to give up all your worldly goods and meditate all day, but if it’s part of your dharma, then to fulfill your purpose in life that’s what you’ll do.

For those who are unsure about this topic or who have never considered it, it’s about asking yourself the question – “What is my purpose in life?”. It may take you years to work it out whereas others around may know exactly from a young age. Remember it’s not about your job, it’s about how you are going to help the world evolve.

Change is a good thing pic via

Change is a good thing pic via

Come on people there’s no time to dilly-dally it’s almost 2014! It sounds so futuristic but the future is now! We need to get more pro-active on this subject and each person has a duty of care to the rest of us to live and breathe their true purpose in life.

Essential oils will help you in your quest because they have a magical way of moving through the ether, your physical and energetic bodies and your mind, to help you access the fundamental truth of the universe. It is in this field of quantum potential that we can find the answers to that which we are seeking. What are you seeking and how can you help others achieve their dharma too?

Take a huge whiff to change your focus in seconds

Take a huge whiff to change your focus in seconds

Take a huge whiff of essential oil from time to time to open the emotional energetic gate in your mind, to open your third eye and crown chakras, to expand consciousness. See my article Change Your Focus in 3 Seconds for more about sniffing essential oils.

aaahhhhh essential oils

aaahhhhh essential oils

What oils? Here’s a few to get things rolling –

Frankincense – the scent of truth, induces calm and slows the breath

Sandalwood   – both Indian and Australian Sandalwoods –  grounding, spiritual, see the oneness of the universe

Black Pepper – stimulating, go out into the world and seize your destiny

Sage               – wisdom, speak the truth

Orange           – innocence, happiness

Cinnamon       – loving what you do, ding what you love

Petitgrain        – potentiality

Palmarosa      – flexibility

If you are not sure how to start your quest, then try motivating others and you’ll be amazed at what a great effect this can have on your soul.

Go for it! Thank you.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

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