3 Essential Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Essential oils work powerfully on the mind and the brain, and often smelling an oil is enough to create change in emotions and stress addiction. Stress often becomes a habit that we get used to rather than a trigger to help us survive, and in turn we get adrenal and cortisol overload. This is not good! Smell an essential oil to break your bad habit.


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sweet little marjoram leaves

sweet little marjoram leaves

Marjoram (Oreganum marjorana)

Keyword: relief

Little leaf, big scent, great results. Marjoram has been used in herbal medicine for centuries, and comes from a time when our food was our medicine. This beautiful herb essential oil will help everyone from babies to the elderly with its stunning aromatic medicine. Marjoram is wonderful for:

  • muscle pain
  • period pain
  • headaches
  • grief
  • any kind of physical stress
  • soothing emotional pain and angst
  • help induce sleep
Wonderful frankincense resin is steam distilled into the beautiful oil

Wonderful frankincense resin is steam distilled into the beautiful oil


Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)

Keywords: meditation, truth, preservation

Another botanical substance that has been used for a long time, made popular by stories from the Bible, is a must have for stress relief. This essential oil which is steam distilled from the resin has a deeply calming effect by inducing longer, slower, deeper breaths. This leads to a meditative state of mind creating Alpha brainwaves to help you chill out. It is great for:

  • asthma attacks and sufferers
  • coughing and not being able to breathe very well
  • meditation and instilling a greater connection to spirit
  • relaxing in general
  • connecting to your youthfulness, no matter how old or young you are
  • helping us see the bigger picture, and moving us away from a busy mind
  • setting up a restful sleep


German Chamomile and Roman chamomile are both great for stress

German Chamomile and Roman chamomile are both great for stress

The Chamomiles – German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and

Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)

Keywords: cool down         and          less tension more inspiration

Both chamomiles are wonderful for stress relief but work in slightly different ways and have distinctly different scents. Roman chamomile has an intense honey-like sweetness whereas German chamomile is very deeply herbaceous.

German chamomile is good for:

  • healing inflammation in the body and in the emotions
  • heat and anger
  • restlessness
  • inducing sleep

Roman chamomile is good for

  • reducing cramping in the body
  • unwinding inflexibility which can lead to more stress
  • soothing tiredness
  • relaxing the body as a whole
  • allowing tension to subside

The best and easiest way to use the oils is to open the bottle and take a whiff.

more gorgeous lavender

more gorgeous lavender


If you’re wondering why I haven’t included lavender in this article it’s because I know that you know it’s a really great oil for stress relief – well done!

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4 thoughts on “3 Essential Essential Oils for Stress Relief

  1. A Much needed post for me, Suzanne, as this whole year has been one huge mess of a StessBall for me – been in survival mode since beginning of the year and that is just no way to live. Thank You for mentioning Marjoram – I had totally forgotten about that beautiful plant.Hugs,Suzanne.

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