3 Essential Oils for the Changing Times

Hello natural beauties, we are seeing tumultuous times around the world, and this is just the beginning! War still rages and many people are being controlled and driven by fear. It is a time to look within and evolve! Here are my 3 essential oils to help us see the bigger picture:


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frankincense resin burning on charcoal

frankincense resin burning on charcoal



Keywords: meditation, truth, preservation

This is the one resin and oil that helps us breathe more deeply and slowly, and therefore become more calm. When we are calm and quiet the universe can be revealed to us in profound ways.

This is the essence of truth. The truth of the intricate dynamics of the spec-time structure we live in; the truth about how we interact with our surroundings; and the truth of the fact we are participating in the evolution of humanity.

Use this beautiful oil to deeply ponder the meaning of life. Spread peace and kindness wherever you are.


black pepper

black pepper



Black Pepper

Keywords: go forward and fulfil your destiny

This beautiful spice creates a wonderful essential oil that is soft in scent, with a powerful message. Black pepper is a warming oil and the oil of courage.

You no longer need to be afraid of this time you are living in. You are here for a purpose. We need you to be courageous and stand up for the betterment of our world.

Accept your destiny NOW! Go forward without delay and be active in your life. In turn you will help others do the same and we can overcome negativity and fear.


Palmarosa in situ - pic via www.florihana.com

Palmarosa in situ – pic via http://www.florihana.com



Keywords: flexibility, new ideas about love

This oil comes from a grass like lemongrass – with a green, rosy scent. This is a great skin care oil but mostly represents FLEXIBILITY to me.

Bend and flow with each moment in time – do not resist. “Resistance is futile”, say The BORG from Star Trek. However instead of hostile take-overs, palmarosa will help your outlook, allow you to be willing to see others points of view, and do it all with sweetness, light, and love.

Extend your energy to others, work with those around you, and inspire them to be flexible too.

The POWER Blend


Frankincense     10 drops

Palmarosa            8 drops

Black pepper       7 drops



in a little carrier oil add

Frankincense   1 drop

Palmarosa       1 drop

Only add 1 drop of Black Pepper if you are NOT sensitive, Patch test first


Body Oil

in 3 teaspoons of carrier oil add:

Palmarosa         4 drops

Frankincense     3 drops

Black Pepper     1 drops

German Chamomile and Roman chamomile are both great for stress

German Chamomile and Roman chamomile are both great for stress

What oils are supporting you right now?

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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copyright 2016

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