3 Essential Oils for the Changing Times

Hello natural beauties, we are seeing tumultuous times around the world, and this is just the beginning! War still rages and many people are being controlled and driven by fear. It is a time to look within and evolve! Here are my 3 essential oils to help us see the bigger picture:


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frankincense resin burning on charcoal

frankincense resin burning on charcoal



Keywords: meditation, truth, preservation

This is the one resin and oil that helps us breathe more deeply and slowly, and therefore become more calm. When we are calm and quiet the universe can be revealed to us in profound ways.

This is the essence of truth. The truth of the intricate dynamics of the spec-time structure we live in; the truth about how we interact with our surroundings; and the truth of the fact we are participating in the evolution of humanity.

Use this beautiful oil to deeply ponder the meaning of life. Spread peace and kindness wherever you are.


black pepper

black pepper



Black Pepper

Keywords: go forward and fulfil your destiny

This beautiful spice creates a wonderful essential oil that is soft in scent, with a powerful message. Black pepper is a warming oil and the oil of courage.

You no longer need to be afraid of this time you are living in. You are here for a purpose. We need you to be courageous and stand up for the betterment of our world.

Accept your destiny NOW! Go forward without delay and be active in your life. In turn you will help others do the same and we can overcome negativity and fear.


Palmarosa in situ - pic via www.florihana.com

Palmarosa in situ – pic via http://www.florihana.com



Keywords: flexibility, new ideas about love

This oil comes from a grass like lemongrass – with a green, rosy scent. This is a great skin care oil but mostly represents FLEXIBILITY to me.

Bend and flow with each moment in time – do not resist. “Resistance is futile”, say The BORG from Star Trek. However instead of hostile take-overs, palmarosa will help your outlook, allow you to be willing to see others points of view, and do it all with sweetness, light, and love.

Extend your energy to others, work with those around you, and inspire them to be flexible too.

The POWER Blend


Frankincense     10 drops

Palmarosa            8 drops

Black pepper       7 drops



in a little carrier oil add

Frankincense   1 drop

Palmarosa       1 drop

Only add 1 drop of Black Pepper if you are NOT sensitive, Patch test first


Body Oil

in 3 teaspoons of carrier oil add:

Palmarosa         4 drops

Frankincense     3 drops

Black Pepper     1 drops

German Chamomile and Roman chamomile are both great for stress

German Chamomile and Roman chamomile are both great for stress

What oils are supporting you right now?

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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Aromatherapy Skincare on TVSN and the Powerful Solstice


Hello my natural beauties, I hope you are all well at this auspicious time of the solstice. I forgot a post last week as I was preparing to do another 2 live TV spots on TVSN, as a Brand Ambassador for Springfields Aromatherapy. I’m blaming the powerful blue moon solstice for my forgetfulness, and a little bit of nervous energy too.


Please check out my new book REVELATION! – Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils

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and many other stores worldwide as an ebook and paperback


Me in my dressing room

Me in my dressing room


It was an early start in hair and makeup with my beautiful friend Jason, then off to the studio to do 2 live shows, each an hour long.

Live TV is a bit nerve-wracking because there’s no saving grace. Anyway suddenly you’re on camera thinking “I hope I remember what to say’.

Then its over and the world keeps turning.

My friend took this screen shot:



And that was the second show and it was all over, again. I’ve got 2 more days this year – in spring and summer (southern hemisphere).

And speaking about hemispheres, the north just had the summer solstice and the south just experienced the winter solstice – yay! It seems that this was a cosmological blue moon  in Sagittarius, rather than a calendar blue moon, with powerful movements for us all. I’m not an expert so I’ve included a couple of links:

Mystic Mumma

Collective Evolution

My summary is:

  • if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately there may be big breakthroughs coming up
  • a new chapter, or time in your life, may becoming a reality on a very deep level
  • end relationships that are not serving your higher purpose
  • acknowledge your spiritual conscious for this may be the driver of your new paradigm
  • be willing and courageous to forge ahead with a new way of life
I've just planted some basil and it seems to be dong quite well

I’ve just planted some basil and it seems to be dong quite well


My body oil blend for this time is:

For a coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil. It’s always best to patch test first, before you apply all over.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

For a 50ml bottle of oil add 25 drops and see my articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”

“Blue Solstice”

Frankincense       3 drops                      Keywords: meditation, truth, preservation

Basil                    1 drop                        Keywords: clarity; open your mind

Black Pepper       1 drop                       Keywords: go forward and fulfill your destiny

Petitgrain             3 drops                      Keywords: potentiality

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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Collective Evolution

Mystic Mumma

Essential Oils for Tony Abbot and the Australian Government

Never have essential oils been so essential. If there was an oil to counteract embarrassment over the ongoing bad decisions of a government, I’m sure about half of the Australian people would use it NOW!


Please check out my new book REVELATION! – Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils

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and many other stores worldwide as an ebook and paperback




Prime Minister Tony Abbot and the Australian Government have many things to be ashamed about, including the latest decision not to allow a party vote on marriage equality. It’s this, the view and treatment of asylum seekers, inequality for our indigenous brothers and sisters, and inaction on climate change and the open policies that support the coal mining industry, that have me utterly embarrassed to be Australian. I used to be proud to be an Aussie, but it’s getting harder by the minute.

So I’ve decided to treat the government with some essential oils to help them understand the part we play in the evolution of humanity. I’d be happy to come to Parliament House and waft a few oils around.


Australian Sandalwood    Santalum spicatum

This beautiful oil has the base of Indian sandalwood with a bit of the Australian bush thrown in. Let’s spiritually connect to this precious land, like the original Australians do, and then we can move forward in our understanding and treatment of Aboriginal Australians in the NOW! Let’s embrace our rich history with better knowledge of the Dreamtime and be proud to share this ancient, powerful land with our indigenous brothers and sisters.


Frankincense  Boswellia carterii

Long deep breaths. Oxygenate our lungs. PEACE. Quietly connect to our souls and the collective oneness that exists in the fabric of space-time. Start every day in government with a 15 minute meditation and watch Australia and the world change! Frankincense inspires truth.


Juniper  Juniperus communis

Release neagtivity. Release bad energy with light fresh juniper. The parliament could do with a good douse of this oil, so we can start again afresh. Dear Government – stop the fear mongering! There are still a lot of people in this country who are easily swayed by fear and will do anything to protect themselves from external evil. Whatever that is at the time – “boat people”, gay people getting married …….. if only they knew the fear agenda was being actively pushed and used as a control system. Being an eternal optimist I see these issues as the last dying gasps of a world wide system of oppression changing for the better. As the 6 Million Dollar Man tv show said “we have the technology”.


(Australian) Desert Rosewood  Eremophilia michelli

Government front benchers need to open their hearts to the plight of displaced people all over the world. Let’s get better infrastructure happening in rural areas to help home asylum seekers fleeing persecution. Can we have a billet system like we did on school trips? How can we get us all involved in solving the issues of the country. Hey let’s build some wind and solar farms to power the country. It’s a no brainer really. Let’s share love not hate and fear. Let’s get some good energy flowing in our heart chakras.

orange 3

Orange  Citrus sinensis

Let’s get a bit of happiness and joy in our lives. Let’s get Australians dancing and happy. Let’s connect to the sweetness of children who are happy, and refrain from taking away Aboriginal children from their families at a rate that is comparable to to the Stolen Generation. Let’s celebrate life and happiness.


Rose  Rosa damascena

Love. Love is all. Imagine if we based all our decisions around the rights of everyone in our community to love. It has to be better than hate and separation. If the Australian Government just legalised gay marriage, or marriage equality, then we could all just get on with life. It won’t hurt anybody. In fact it wont really change anything and I think the issue is being used to deflect people’s attention away from the more important things like renewable energy.

I could keep going here, and I do realise this is just a simplistic view, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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copryright SR Banks 2015


2014! The Universal Number of 7!

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2014! The Universal Number of 7!

7 - pic via jakhongirshaturaev.wordpress.com

7 – pic via jakhongirshaturaev.wordpress.com

I met a numerologist the other day when she came into a pop-up shop I was a part of – I was selling handmade body washes, face mask kits, oils and other scented things. I asked her about the way she practices numerology as there are a few different techniques. Well I got loads of quickly downloaded information with the one prominent theme being 7. She said that 2014 had the universal vibration of 7 and that I must remember and write about this in particular. It was very important she said. Write about she said. So here goes …….

This year our collective vibration is a 7. Clearly we have  assigned this number to our lives as somewhere along the track, as the study of numbers in numerology has evolved to a practice that combines maths with consciousness. So we are moving into a 7 to help us evolve to the next level. My numerologist friend talked about ‘the universal vibration of the year 2014’. I had never looked at numerology this way, so it’s opened up a new level of meaning for me.

Basically there are a few different ways of calculating someone’s number or life path, cycle year and other things. I’ve always stuck to the basics which is add up all the numbers in your birth date and that’s the life path number. Add up all the numbers in the year you are in, plus your birth date to get to a cycle year. There are 9 numbers but some people read double digits like 1/1 or 1/0. And then there’s this simple way of looking at a year and what it may hold for us.

In other numerology too, different numbers are assigned to letters and then your number is calculated according to the letters in your name, but that is a bit too difficult for me because I haven’t studied that technique.

The truth - what is it? pic via theyogablog.com

The truth – what is it? pic via theyogablog.com

I always remember 7 being about truth, seeking the truth and embodying the truth. It is the number of looking for the hidden meaning in things and usually has a spiritual undertone. It is also about the big picture and how things fit together. 7 is searching for the underlying meaning of things. 7 is philosophical. 7 is about the why? 7 is about the mystical and magical powers in the universe and collecting all the scientific information and combining it with the spiritual truth.

So that’s pretty exciting I reckon. Combined with starting the year off with a supermoon I’d say 2014 will be a cracker of a year. Come on people let’s make some oil blends to support our search for the truth.

1. Scent Your Space

In a traditional oil burner with a candle or a diffuser add 25 drops of oil

“Mulder and Scully – The Truth is Out There”

Connect to the truth of the universe –

Frankincense   12 drops

Rosewood       6 drops

Juniper            6 drops

Vetiver             1 drop


“I’m on a Quest”

Don’t be afraid to start searching –

Black pepper      8 drops

Lime                   8 drops

Lavender            9 drops


“Look Within”

Macro to micro – it’s all the same

Cypress                 10 drops

Cedarwood Atlas     8 drops

Mandarin                 7 drops


Anoint yourself with pure essential oils

Anoint yourself with pure essential oils in a little carrier oil

2. Pure Pulse Point Perfume

In a little dish mix these oils and anoint your pulse points or chakras – 3 drops of essential oils and dilute with a few drops of carrier oil – always patch test first!

“I Have a Dream”

Dream big – we need you!

Basil                              1 drop

Roman Chamomile 3%  3 drops  * see my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba


“All Knowing”

You already know everything so embrace it –

Nutmeg            1 drop

Pink Grapefruit  2 drops


Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

Frankincense is the Scent of Truth

frankincense tree and resin

frankincense tree and resin


As I finished a treatment last week and I was writing the ingredients of the formula on a label, I said to myself “frankincense’, “frank – incense”. Frank, incense. The scent of truth. I had an immediate understanding of the entire universe all at once.

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri), has been used for centuries in spiritual rituals and is still used today in Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches. It makes an appearance in the bible as a precious gift brought to Jesus and is found in the Middle East and Africa. According to Wikipedia

“Frankincense has been traded on the Arabian Peninsula and in North Africa for more than 5000 years.[6] A mural depicting sacks of frankincense traded from the Land of Punt adorns the walls of the temple of ancient Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut, who died in circa 1458 BC.”

It’s also know as oilbanum referring to the process of “milking” the tree for the resin. There are many romantic stories of old about this resin and oil, and it is also linked to to the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem where it was used as a temple offering and incense.

It’s an unusual looking tree, and it is tapped for the resin, which is then steam distilled into an essential oil. The resin droplets that emerge from the tree are called “tears”. The myrrh tree actually looks quite similar.

frankincense resin

frankincense resin

You can buy the resin to burn on charcoal too, and it emits a scented smoke that is entrancing to say the least.

frankincense resin burning on charcoal

frankincense resin burning on charcoal

Frankincense is the oil of breathing deeply and slowly. When you click into a rhythm of deep breathing it not only relaxes you, but also invokes a state of peacefulness and calm – just like when you meditate. Is it any wonder that churches use this resin? It is employed in the church to entrance the congregation into a type of meditation or trance, to access God and higher energies. When we connect with our spirit, we are seeing the truth in all things. We are connecting with the everything else in the universe at the same time – the oneness of all things. This is the truth. This is honesty. When we are being honest with ourselves we are being “frank” and open.

Frankincense has also been used to heal wounds by promoting cell growth and this also makes its a great facial oil. Most aromatherapy book will say that Frankincense is wonderful for wrinkled mature skin to help reduce signs of aging so I often use this in a face mask or add it to rosehip oil for a daily face moisturiser.

Here are some recipes for Frankincense:

For an oil burner or diffuser to help you relax into a divine stateessential:

“Sweet Silence”

Frankincense   15 drops

Orange              8 drops

Cinnamon         2 drops


For an oil blend for your body to help you relax – especially great around the lungs and chest. Into 3 teaspoons add


Frankincense   5 drops

Lavender         3 drops


For a steam inhalation for congested lungs, or if you find it hard to catch your breath:

In a bowl put 3 drops of Frankincense then fill with boiling water and inhale through your mouth (cover yourself and the bowl with a towel).

steam inhalation

steam inhalation


For a face mask:

In a couple of teaspoons of clay (any colour of your choice) add 3 drops of Frankincense and a little floral water (or just plain water) to form a smooth paste to apply all over you face and neck. Rest for 15 minutes then rinse off. Beautiful! You look 10 years younger already!


Seekers of the truth – this oil is for you!

Remember to treat yourself first then everyone will benefit.


copyright suzannerbanks 2013