I’ve Got a New Attitude



New Year.

New vibe.

New attitude.

Just listen to Patti LaBelle she’ll give you a buzz …….

So how can we create a feeling of newness and inspiration at the beginning of the New Year and the new world age? Use essential oils of course!

The easiest way, is to have a steam with a few drops of essential oil in the shower. You can refer to my previous blog “Meet Me in the Shower”  for some tips on how to treat yourself holistically with essential oils.

Here a few oils to use to entice a feeling of newness, inspiration and rejuvenation:

petitgrain (citrus aurantium v amara)

petitgrain (citrus aurantium v amara)


This is one of my favourite oils with it’s green slightly spicy, citrus scent. Unlike lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime and mandarin, the essential oil of petitgrain is distilled from the twigs, buds and leaves from the plant. The other citrus oils come from the rind of the fruit. It is a beautiful oil to use to freshen your senses and open your mind to possibilities. Use a few drops of petitgrain in your morning shower to allow the wonder of the universe to enfold you. An oil of the “bigger picture”, it will also help relieve stress and tension.


lemon (citrus limonum)


You can’t deny the loveliness of lemons! Well you can if you want to but it’s difficult because they are so versatile. See my article “The Loveliness of Lemons”  for more info.

Lemons are light, sparkly and colourful. If you like those attributes try a few drops in your shower or make a mist with lemon essential oil to carry with you for an instantaneous burst of sunshine and newness. Lemons are all about cleansing your aura or space with happiness and feeling of clearing the slate and starting again. Give your kitchen benches the once over with some lemon rind if you don’t have any oil. You can always squeeze the rind into a bath to bathe in the fragrance of lemons too!

palmarosa - Cymbopogon martinii

palmarosa – Cymbopogon martinii


This oil is under-rated and under-used. It does have flora,l rosey undertones but is mostly quite a green scent – even a little peppery and tangy. It is used in perfumery and aromatherapy to boost a rose scent without the expense. As you can see it’s a grass and when I employ palmarosa in my practice with a client, I’m often drawn to it because of its flexible nature. Flexibilty is a great quality to have when you wish to create a new attitude, a new thing, a new job or even a new thought process.

Go ahead and create your new attitude with the scent of nature.

Remember to treat yourself first, and everyone will benefit.

Remember to use your intention when you use your essential oils. This is just holding a thought and energy about what you want to create as you are scenting your space, doing an energetic cleanse or steaming in the shower

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got a New Attitude

  1. We burned Lemongrass oils in water and geranium incense to welcome the New year and all its Good Luck into our home. Burning out the old and inviting the new with bright red candles.
    Happy New Year, your most successful ever Suzanne.
    Good Love and Good Luck,
    Portia xx

    • Wow that’s sounds amazing! It’s a great combination and Lemongrass actually contains a high content of geraniol, so they go together really well. Thanks and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!

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