My Top 5 Oils for Brides – Part 2

a beautiful Indian bride

a beautiful bride

In my article My Top 5 Oils for Brides, I talk about what oils are best for the pending nuptials. Here’s a recap –






But how do you use the oils?

We all know every wedding is different and each bride and groom are unique, but the one thing they all have in common is that they all want a memorable experience for them and their guests. Whether it be a simple beach wedding or a lavish affair at a glamourous venue with hundreds of guests, the bride will have some organising to do.

Unfortunately the oils won’t do everything but they will support you on your journey from fiancé to wife.

a happy beach wedding

a happy beach wedding

Essential oils will give emotional support and a scented burst of clarity and calm during the process. You could either use lots of different kinds of oils or pick a couple and make a combination that becomes your signature scent. So let’s look at the best 2 ways to use your oils.

1. Nourishing Body Oil

I recommend making a bottle of your chosen oil blend to use daily as a moisturiser, and more importantly as a connection to your spirit and a tonic to your mind. You will start your day off by paying attention to yourself, centering your mind and preparing for what is to come. And – your skin will look and feel totally amazing! I use oil on my skin every day and it works – my skin feels wonderful and looks good too! When your bottle is finished you can make another combo or stay with the same blend.

For ratios and quantities see my article Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3. Here is an example of a blend in a 50 ml bottle –


To keep the flow of energy in your heart chakra while planning your wedding –

Rosewood    10 drops

Lavender       5 drops

Neroli 3%      30 drops *

Alternatively you could make a blend every day but this often takes up time and is the first thing to be put on hold when you are juggling work, your private life and creating your perfect wedding. If you do want to do this 3 teaspoons of oil should be enough and to that you can add 7 or 8 drops of oil.

“Cool, Calm and Collected”

To breathe deeply and keep anxiety at bay –

Frankincense 3 drops

Cardamom    1 drop

Neroli 3%       9 drops *

* 3% oils need to be used in different ratios as they are already split into a blend with jojoba oil that can be used straight away. See Essential Oils 3% What Are They and Why? for more info on how to use them when making a blend.

a more formal church wedding

a more formal church wedding

2. Mist

This is a great portable way to keep an aromatherapy treatment with you. It is simply essential oils in an atomiser bottle filled with water. There is no need to use any emulsification agents,just shake before you mist. It can be used to refresh your face, cleanse and protect your aura, give your brain a boost and will make you smell like a natural goddess.

50ml mist bottle

50ml mist bottle from


In a 50ml atomizer bottle add 25 drops of essential oil – use the same ratios of essential oils to water as you would a body oil blend.

“Mother Earth Energy”

To keep a sense of worldliness and compassion on those crazy days –

Rose 3%     50 – 75 drops *

* 3% oils tend not to work so well in a mist as the jojoba may shorten the lifespan of the mist due to oxidisation. I’d still give it a go if you want to use rose, neroli or jasmine; and then use the mist quickly.

It seems like a lot of drops, but once again this is an oil that you will probably buy in a 3% blend (you can buy it pure but it’s quite expensive) and I recommend you use 3 times the amount that you would a pure essential oil.

“I’ve Got the Power”

When you need strength and fortitude, with a smile –

Geranium                 10 drops

Mandarin                  10 drops

Cedarwood Virginian  5 drops

Remember to treat your self first then everyone will benefit.

Stay tuned for how to make beautiful handmade aromatherapy gifts for your wedding guests.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

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