Essential Oils for Tony Abbot and the Australian Government

Never have essential oils been so essential. If there was an oil to counteract embarrassment over the ongoing bad decisions of a government, I’m sure about half of the Australian people would use it NOW!


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Prime Minister Tony Abbot and the Australian Government have many things to be ashamed about, including the latest decision not to allow a party vote on marriage equality. It’s this, the view and treatment of asylum seekers, inequality for our indigenous brothers and sisters, and inaction on climate change and the open policies that support the coal mining industry, that have me utterly embarrassed to be Australian. I used to be proud to be an Aussie, but it’s getting harder by the minute.

So I’ve decided to treat the government with some essential oils to help them understand the part we play in the evolution of humanity. I’d be happy to come to Parliament House and waft a few oils around.


Australian Sandalwood    Santalum spicatum

This beautiful oil has the base of Indian sandalwood with a bit of the Australian bush thrown in. Let’s spiritually connect to this precious land, like the original Australians do, and then we can move forward in our understanding and treatment of Aboriginal Australians in the NOW! Let’s embrace our rich history with better knowledge of the Dreamtime and be proud to share this ancient, powerful land with our indigenous brothers and sisters.


Frankincense  Boswellia carterii

Long deep breaths. Oxygenate our lungs. PEACE. Quietly connect to our souls and the collective oneness that exists in the fabric of space-time. Start every day in government with a 15 minute meditation and watch Australia and the world change! Frankincense inspires truth.


Juniper  Juniperus communis

Release neagtivity. Release bad energy with light fresh juniper. The parliament could do with a good douse of this oil, so we can start again afresh. Dear Government – stop the fear mongering! There are still a lot of people in this country who are easily swayed by fear and will do anything to protect themselves from external evil. Whatever that is at the time – “boat people”, gay people getting married …….. if only they knew the fear agenda was being actively pushed and used as a control system. Being an eternal optimist I see these issues as the last dying gasps of a world wide system of oppression changing for the better. As the 6 Million Dollar Man tv show said “we have the technology”.


(Australian) Desert Rosewood  Eremophilia michelli

Government front benchers need to open their hearts to the plight of displaced people all over the world. Let’s get better infrastructure happening in rural areas to help home asylum seekers fleeing persecution. Can we have a billet system like we did on school trips? How can we get us all involved in solving the issues of the country. Hey let’s build some wind and solar farms to power the country. It’s a no brainer really. Let’s share love not hate and fear. Let’s get some good energy flowing in our heart chakras.

orange 3

Orange  Citrus sinensis

Let’s get a bit of happiness and joy in our lives. Let’s get Australians dancing and happy. Let’s connect to the sweetness of children who are happy, and refrain from taking away Aboriginal children from their families at a rate that is comparable to to the Stolen Generation. Let’s celebrate life and happiness.


Rose  Rosa damascena

Love. Love is all. Imagine if we based all our decisions around the rights of everyone in our community to love. It has to be better than hate and separation. If the Australian Government just legalised gay marriage, or marriage equality, then we could all just get on with life. It won’t hurt anybody. In fact it wont really change anything and I think the issue is being used to deflect people’s attention away from the more important things like renewable energy.

I could keep going here, and I do realise this is just a simplistic view, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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4 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Tony Abbot and the Australian Government

  1. Great post, Suzanne, but very sad in a way, too, – it’s 2015 for goodness sake!! Governments with antiquated mind sets, need to be OUT!! …..time to use the uplifting Mudra pose right about now along with your EO selections…. Come to Canada – you’d love it here – it’s an open-minded nation…. most of the time……

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