Must-Have Mid Season Essential Oils!

Time marches on and so do the seasons. I’m getting excited because all around my neighbourhood in Sydney I can see the jasmine blossoms building strength, until one day soon, their beautiful, scented little white flowers will tell me it’s getting warmer. Phew!


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Jasmine in Sydney

Jasmine in Sydney

And if you’re in summer it’s probably peaking right now and you’re feeling warm and lovely and happy. There’s nothing like late summer on a beach in Mexico, or in a park in Europe savouring the long lingering summer light. I’m envious of all of you northerners right now.

Remember for us, everything happens in summer. Well there’s summer for starters, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and finishing of with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Then it’s winter.

Just winter.

So you’ll understand my excitement when I see the jasmine getting read to bloom.


I took this pic in Mexico last year

I took this pic in Mexico last year

Mid to Late Summer Essential Oils


If you’ve had a bit of sun over the past couple of months lavender will help your skin heal and regenerate. The perfect after sun oil, lavender is also the perfect first aid kit in a bottle. Make sure you dilute it in the right proportions before you coat your body with this grounding, centering and calming oil.


This mildly rose scented grass (like lemongrass) is great for skin renewal too, and allows you to be flexible and flowing in your attitudes. If you haven’t already warmed up this summer, palmarosa with help your mind unwind and open up to new adventures – there’s still plenty more spontaneity to be had this summer.


Lovely peppermint is a cooling oil, but take care if you are using it on your body as it can be sensitising. The best way to cool down with peppermint is to put a few drops into the shower and let the beautiful aroma surround and cool you. Breathe in deeply and enjoy your scented summer.






Mid to Late Winter Oils


Warm up and get the circulation going! Rosemary can help fatigued muscles feel better, and generally stimulate your mind so you can dream up the best spring and summer possible. It is also an oil of remembering to help us tune into our multi-dimensional existence, and to prepare us for the abundance of summer.


Release excess fluid in your body and joints with juniper essential oil. It is a wonderful oil for releasing negativity, so if you tend to get a bit sad during winter because of lack of light, this is your oil. It’s fresh, clean scent can lighten the vibe of any house or space, including your mind.


Whether you choose Mysore (Indian) sandalwood or Australian sandalwood, this spiritual oil can help you focus within. Take time this winter to meditate – the perfect accompaniment to a cold day or night. Winter is a time of planting ideas that can come to fruition over summer so don’t delay in creating your life.

Essential oils can help support you mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically if you allow them too. You can create a scented paradise for your self and your loved ones, creating life long memories and rituals.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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2 thoughts on “Must-Have Mid Season Essential Oils!

  1. In London it feels today like summer is almost over! We had our peak and now it’s all the way towards autumn. South of Europe on the other hand is scorching at the moment! I’ll be soon very jealous of you heading towards spring. Well, at least we have got seasons changing so there is also tending to look forward to. And essential oils can help us too!

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