2016 Year of the Monkey – An Aromatic Insight

Hello my friends, I hope you’re all well and excited about the Year of The Fire Monkey. Read on to find what’s in store for you this year, and how essential oils can support your quest.


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Chinese horoscopes - pic via www.ibtimes.co.uk

Chinese horoscopes – pic via http://www.ibtimes.co.uk

If you’re not sure which animal you are, here are a few years to help you out:

  • Rat: 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960
  • Ox: 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961
  • Tiger: 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962
  • Rabbit: 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963
  • Dragon: 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964
  • Snake: 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965
  • Horse: 2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966
  • Goat: 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967
  • Monkey: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968
  • Rooster: 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969
  • Dog: 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970
  • Pig: 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971

from China Highlights which has some fun info on the Chinese Zodiac.

Monkey - pic via freedesignfile.com

Monkey – pic via freedesignfile.com

The Year of the Monkey in General

We have a year of fun social times ahead of us, and it is relying on solid base of friends and family that will get us through difficult periods. The monkey is a social creature without inhibitions so get ready for the year to go quickly with lots of laughs.

Flexibility is the key as work and career opportunities may pop up suddenly and if you’re to prosper, act quickly, seize the moment. This is a year of innovation and fortune favours the bold.

It is a time to move forward with your plans and ideas, when at other times it may have seemed risky. Go ahead by trusting yourself to succeed.

My oil for the Year of the Monkey is LEMONGRASS. Lemongrass is great for energy, can help you be more flexible and is an oil of happiness. It is also an oil loved by many people, which could be a key ingredient to your own success – get everyone on your side.


Hanging lanterns

Hanging lanterns


The Monkey Year for Your Sign


Keywords: success; resourcefulness: parties

Oil:            palmarosa


Keywords: sharing; study; try new things

Oil:            rosemary


Keywords: mindfulness; commitment; acceptance

Oil:            frankincense


Keywords: seek advice; romance: use your judgement

Oil:            fennel


Keywords: new ideas; talents emerge; cooperation

Oil:            bergamot


Keywords: take care; alertness; new role

Oil:            peru balsam


Keywords: priorities; action; home

Oil:           black pepper


Keywords: communication; group activities; new horizons

Oil:            ginger


Keywords: decisions; openness; potentiality

Oil:            petitgrain


Keywords: organization; change; family life

Oil:            basil


Keywords: be enterprising; travel; friends

Oil:            cedarwood Atlas


Keywords: new projects; variety; be with others

Oil:            sandalwood


Cheeky monkey

********  What’s your sign and your oil? How is 2016 shaping up for you?  ***********


Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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Essential Oils for Tony Abbot and the Australian Government

Never have essential oils been so essential. If there was an oil to counteract embarrassment over the ongoing bad decisions of a government, I’m sure about half of the Australian people would use it NOW!


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Prime Minister Tony Abbot and the Australian Government have many things to be ashamed about, including the latest decision not to allow a party vote on marriage equality. It’s this, the view and treatment of asylum seekers, inequality for our indigenous brothers and sisters, and inaction on climate change and the open policies that support the coal mining industry, that have me utterly embarrassed to be Australian. I used to be proud to be an Aussie, but it’s getting harder by the minute.

So I’ve decided to treat the government with some essential oils to help them understand the part we play in the evolution of humanity. I’d be happy to come to Parliament House and waft a few oils around.


Australian Sandalwood    Santalum spicatum

This beautiful oil has the base of Indian sandalwood with a bit of the Australian bush thrown in. Let’s spiritually connect to this precious land, like the original Australians do, and then we can move forward in our understanding and treatment of Aboriginal Australians in the NOW! Let’s embrace our rich history with better knowledge of the Dreamtime and be proud to share this ancient, powerful land with our indigenous brothers and sisters.


Frankincense  Boswellia carterii

Long deep breaths. Oxygenate our lungs. PEACE. Quietly connect to our souls and the collective oneness that exists in the fabric of space-time. Start every day in government with a 15 minute meditation and watch Australia and the world change! Frankincense inspires truth.


Juniper  Juniperus communis

Release neagtivity. Release bad energy with light fresh juniper. The parliament could do with a good douse of this oil, so we can start again afresh. Dear Government – stop the fear mongering! There are still a lot of people in this country who are easily swayed by fear and will do anything to protect themselves from external evil. Whatever that is at the time – “boat people”, gay people getting married …….. if only they knew the fear agenda was being actively pushed and used as a control system. Being an eternal optimist I see these issues as the last dying gasps of a world wide system of oppression changing for the better. As the 6 Million Dollar Man tv show said “we have the technology”.


(Australian) Desert Rosewood  Eremophilia michelli

Government front benchers need to open their hearts to the plight of displaced people all over the world. Let’s get better infrastructure happening in rural areas to help home asylum seekers fleeing persecution. Can we have a billet system like we did on school trips? How can we get us all involved in solving the issues of the country. Hey let’s build some wind and solar farms to power the country. It’s a no brainer really. Let’s share love not hate and fear. Let’s get some good energy flowing in our heart chakras.

orange 3

Orange  Citrus sinensis

Let’s get a bit of happiness and joy in our lives. Let’s get Australians dancing and happy. Let’s connect to the sweetness of children who are happy, and refrain from taking away Aboriginal children from their families at a rate that is comparable to to the Stolen Generation. Let’s celebrate life and happiness.


Rose  Rosa damascena

Love. Love is all. Imagine if we based all our decisions around the rights of everyone in our community to love. It has to be better than hate and separation. If the Australian Government just legalised gay marriage, or marriage equality, then we could all just get on with life. It won’t hurt anybody. In fact it wont really change anything and I think the issue is being used to deflect people’s attention away from the more important things like renewable energy.

I could keep going here, and I do realise this is just a simplistic view, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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copryright SR Banks 2015


Lemon Essential Oil = Refresh and Reload

Lemon - gorgeous simplicity

Lemon – gorgeous simplicity

One of my first stories on this blog was about lemons –  The Loveliness of Lemons!.

Lemons truly are delightful and I categorize the essential oil from the rind as an oil of happiness. Sparkly, zingy, zesty, fresh, clarifying and clean, lemon essential oil is a must-have oil for the aromatherapy enthusiast.

I use lemon oil frequently when treating clients as I find it’s a great addition to a body blend for sore muscles. When I was studying, I remember my teacher telling me a therapist she knew used lemon juice with oil for sore muscles and had great results. Not sure if I could do that (you’d smell like a salad after the massage), but the essential oil is definitely the go.

Aw -  a baby lemon!

Aw – a baby lemon!

From my earlier article:

Lemon essential oil is an uplifting oil with a sweet innocence about it, but don’t be fooled – it has a solid place in modern aromatherapy.

Some aromatherapists and scientific data claim lemon oil is good for:

  • stimulating the action of white blood cells
  • killing bacteria in the gut
  • soothing and lessening varicose veins
  • tonifying the circulatory system and aiding high blood pressure
  • helping the body shed excess fluids
  • decreasing cellulite
  • improving concentration
  • easing rheumatic pain & gout pain
  • stopping the flow of blood with cuts and abrasions

…… and the list continues.

Mum's lemon tree with the washing hanging on it

Mum’s lemon tree with the washing hanging on it

Lemon essential oil is inexpensive and accessible and has a scent that is also easy to inhale. Within the chemical constituents and energy of the drops of lemon oil, lay the coded information of lightness and happiness. I often say the words “refresh and reload” in my mind when I get the bottle of lemon oil out, and it does just that!

* Feeling tired and uninspired? Lemon oil.

* Need a new perspective on life? Lemon oil.

* Want some more joy? Lemon oil.

*Just like clicking on the “reload” icon in your web browser, lemon essential oil can give you a clean slate to start from.

Lemon blossoms - I wonder why they aren't made into an essential oil like Neroli?

Lemon blossoms – I wonder why they aren’t made into an essential oil like Neroli?

* Add some drops of lemon oil to your water when cleaning surfaces in the house or completely brighten your home with lemon essential oil in the bucket of water for mopping the floors. When cooking with lemons I always keep the rind to rub over the kitchen benches at night to combat bacteria.

Lemons are a fruit of old and have origins in Asia – from Burma and India through to China.

They entered Europe near southern Italy no later than the 1st century AD, during the time of Ancient Rome. However, they were not widely cultivated. They were later introduced to Persia and then to Iraq and Egypt around 700 AD. The lemon was first recorded in literature in a 10th-century Arabic treatise on farming, and was also used as an ornamental plant in early Islamic gardens.[1][2] It was distributed widely throughout the Arab world and the Mediterranean region between 1000 and 1150. Wikipedia

So a big hooray for lemons, and lemon essential oil. They have survived for this long because they are wonderful! Stay tuned for my next article 10 Recipes with Lemon Essential Oil.


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Death – A Tarot Card Reading with Essential Oils

Death - XIII in from the Rider-Waite deck

Death – XIII in from the Rider-Waite deck

DEATH! Don’t freak out. This card is a little gruesome but in the end the messages are positive. The design and imagery are confronting but it doesn’t mean you are going to die (right now), however we will all die from our mortal lives at some time.

What do you think it means? It’s about a cycle, a situation or an emotional state ending. It’s a BIG ending, a purge, and it is not without difficulty. Notice that Death is riding a white horse which shows there is positivity and movement – movement toward something new. The sun is also rising showing there is light at the end of this death. The images on this card are similar to The Sun card too, which is a much happier and brighter card – perhaps it could even be construed as the opposite to death.

what's next?

what’s next?

So if you are wondering “what’s next?”, perhaps you need to look at patterns and old ways that need to be removed from your life. By detoxing from the old, you will have space to create the new. Many tarot cards carry similar messages but of course it also depends what other cards come up in the reading too. The Death card asks you to make BIG changes, clear the slate and start again.

clear road ahead pic via alatlatequator.wordpress.com

clear road ahead pic via alatlatequator.wordpress.com

You may need to initiate this change yourself because you are feeling stagnant, or this may be thrust upon you like The Tower card. What essential oils could help you transition?

1. Open The Bottle and Take a Huge Whiff

Juniper – detox, release the unwanted

Rosemary – stimulate your mind to consciously change

Cinnamon – add some sweetness and find what you love in life – follow your dharma

Lavender – garner strength and energy to help you through this change

nourish your skin with oil blends

nourish your skin and create change with oil blends

2. Nourishing Body Oil Blend

For a coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

For a 50ml bottle of oil add 25 drops and see my articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and  “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”

This is a great way to nurture yourself and cover your self with the protective energy of essential oils.

“Change Change Change”

When you need to almost force yourself to make changes –

Cardamom        2 drops

Rosemary         2 drops

Lemon              4 drops


The sun is always shining somewhere pic via wallpaperswide.com

The sun is always shining somewhere pic via wallpaperswide.com


“Even Though It’s Cloudy, I know the Sun is There”

Try and see the positive side of this big shock –

Peru Balsam       3 drops

Mandarin             3 drops

Rose Geranium   2 drops


“Remain Calm”

Stay calm and soothe out of control emotions while going through the Death energy –

Marjoram       2 drops

Rose 3%       12 drops     * see my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba

Lime              2 drops


Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013